Google Street View

Augmented reality is one of the most promising inventions for Marketing Digital; Why? What is that makes this technology especially attractive for human beings? If we are going to the case, augmented reality is that great invention that finally took shape and was conceived and seen in many science fiction movies and that everyone wants to have it; It is Matrix, it is Terminator, causing emotions similar to which they felt when in the 1990s we couldn’t enter universities of all pages is the world or a little later, when the imaging technology allowed to see works of art in a Museum in a few clicks. Little by little, the excitement of what we have going goalpost and just when we got used to the genius of Google Street View because we know that it is still there, appears a new concept that aims to take everything a step further. The great novelty that brings this new concept is: the dissolution of typical limitations to the use of the computer (mouse, keyboard, etc.) The incorporation of unrealistic elements in reality through an interface that can be the smartphone, a pair of special glasses, a console, etc. The feeling of having the network a little more within reach yet, more connected and close to the body. The huge potential which supposes a platform capable of combining the real with the surreal or fantastic. The feeling of greater freedom, greater portability of information, greater density of transmitters and receivers of communication. Many possibilities with augmented reality to the world of marketing and communication. Some of these possibilities almost unimaginable not long ago and which will surely surprise us. For Android layar and Wikitude are some of the applications that demonstrate how useful that can be to recognize places and add information in successive layers.

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