Guilt And Mental Health

I talked to someone who feels very guilty. With each failure arises goals are 100% responsible for yourself. Struggles on and refined and increasingly sought. But that does not excuse the failure and, where appropriate, not the exaggerated sense of responsibility. I know that guilt plays a big role. They have seen people move like machines to combat remorse. Is the force that have taken to rectify its mistakes which leads to extraordinary results.

But we must also see that excessive levels of guilt destroys the mind. And there are people consumed in contrition rather than effective action. So it’s worth taking experience of what happens to those people who feel so responsible for their own failures. That said, we generally have much of the responsibility in many of our fiascos. Author insists that this is the case. But it’s a real mistake to think that this is an absolute truth.

And it is the cause of many headaches and stagnation. You have to know that most of the conditions face are not eligible. And they play a strong role in the course of your activity. They influence and often determine your successes and failures. You do not choose the country where you are born or the child’s education than your parents say. The social class you belong to you and requires the time you live. Not to mention all the fortuitous circumstances, things happen and nobody can predict. They have to endure if they go against your plans. And, of course, be glad if you occasionally favor, which does not happen in most cases. The conditions that warrant can not control much of your problems. Think about it, in those things that are inevitably imposed on your life without you can avoid it. What would happen if suddenly changed in your favor, you could choose and shape your life conditions of your pure pleasure. Would give a huge leap to success and self-realization. But you know that’s impossible. So you have to settle for only influence on some of the factors of success. On the other, nothing can do. And for the same reason, stop already fully take responsibility for your failures. If you’ve done everything that has been at your fingertips at any given time, you have nothing to repent. Rather, you should feel proud to have fought but have not tasted victory yet. Seeing the way things are, some eligible and modifiable, other tax and non-eligible, what to do. The first thing is to avoid as much as possible the confrontation of problems not in your hands to solve. And also be prepared leaving a place in your plans to address the involvement of factors other than you. But most important of all is that you know to take even those initially unfavorable conditions. It is why you need to emphasize, in turn apparent disadvantages into opportunities. The talent you show making it more likely be determined to obtain the satisfaction of your projects. Accepting both types of factors that can change and those who do not see that get better results.

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