Harmonious Communion

How difficult it is to find the point of union or harmonious communion between the two worlds. I don’t know if the balance point is live 50-50 or if human experience main purpose is to achieve a 100% immersion into the inner world or if the best choice is to merge these two worlds in such a way that there is no separation. What if I understood, at the moment, is that live divided between the inner world and the outer world is not the best way to find peace and happiness. When I think about the way in which certain science fiction films affect or come to people, I’ve asked myself why? Movies as La star wars, the Lord of the rings or the series anime Avatar, the last master air, which have an important spiritual background, have met, deeply, to people of all ages and generations. When I asked why they reached them, the response of the majority is related to an identification with the existence of a spiritual or absolute truth has no definite shape and which cannot be described it with specific words. It’s something that feels and is strong. The problem is that Despite feeling so strong, left it in an experience of identification that fills us with and leave satisfied for a while. We do not usually have neither the guide nor the will to translate the teachings in daily life.

Thus, these teachings are recorded as science fiction in the world of possibilities not workable. We’d like to turn into reality but not only that we believe that it is not feasible to achieve this but, despite explanations that offer movies, thousands of books or teachers, convince us of that I wouldn’t know how to do it. Our mental conditioning is that limits us, not the teachings. I’m going to take some passages of the mentioned films to try to illustrate the division in which we live.

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