Folk wisdom says: "In wine – wisdom, in beer – the power and water – germs>>. Only here the question, and in what strength beer? In vivo, vat or unfiltered? Maybe all at once? It is necessary to ask to determine which beer better, and without such mysterious words as carbonation and pasteurization is necessary. And while doing a beer, usually from the same components, namely water, malt, hops and yeast, the properties he may be quite different. "Freshly Squeezed>> beer. If you've never tasted beer, live, perform a simple experiment. They need two cups of juice. The first – the juice from the tetra, the second – fruit drink. Compare the taste.

Most likely, you will immediately feel the difference. With the beer situation is very similar. Those who tried to live foamy drink in one voice asserting that more to the bottling brother they did not touch even at gunpoint. Maybe the point is that living beer spared from such controversial ingredients such as preservatives? If you believe the producers, the beverage is generated without filtration, pasteurization, carbonization. Thus, living beer can be described very simply – "natures Product>>. Barrel – sweet home. Probably most of our population drinks beer from a glass bottle or aluminum cans.

But connoisseurs of beer cases assert that the draft beer – here it is happiness. Like, all sorts of banks, bottles – is as a vessel for the gin. They do not give beer to breathe>>. Much nicer to pour the foamy beverage from a wooden barrel. By the way, they are often called kegami. Keg – small cask, which may be of different shapes and different sizes. If you decide to buy beer in a keg, do not forget to give him to stand before you drink one or two glasses. Friendship with yeast. Often in our country think that the living and non-filtered beer – the same thing. But this is only a substitution concepts. Many brewers call drink unfiltered, if it is added wheat. It forms a protein suspension, and that many take as evidence nefiltrovannosti. Incidentally, in Europe, that sort of drink is not particularly popular (with the exception of Germany, which is known varieties of Hefeweizen and Belgium, which is famous for its Witbier). In fact, if the yeast culture is in a drink, then this beer is called a living. His negative – short-term storage. Three day and a beer becomes unfit for consumption. The choice of beer – especially individual case. In any case, try all types of beer can not hurt. Then you can decide themselves what kind you prefer. After all, someone loves light types, some are dark, and someone and Porter drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can only add that in Moscow and a lively and beer no longer a rarity – a huge number of pubs restaurants generally do not pay in a bar card alcoholic bottled beer, preferring to pamper visitors barrels, imported or domestic beer alive.

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