History Of Labrador

The exact relationship between the two varieties of dogs St. Johns (as in the 19 century, some specialists has more than two, but four of these species) is also not entirely clear, we do not know what happened before, and which later, as well as the degree of relationship to which they were connected. So we can with a high degree of certainty that labradors came to England from Newfoundland, but here is where did the ancestors of dogs St. John's – is less clear. Consider the basic Version: 1) Labradors are the descendants of the dogs water, brought by sailors from Portugal to the island of Newfoundland. By the way, the exact origin of the Portuguese water dogs themselves are also unknown.

According to one version, they hit the Portugal from Central Europe at about the 5 th century, on the other hand, they brought with them from North African Moors in the 8 th century. In XIV-XV centuries, the Portuguese, intending to fish the coast of Newfoundland, took these dogs with them to swimming. In the "Book of the dogs", edited by Brian Vezey-Fitzgerald, C. Nicholson and Watson, 1948, Clifford Hubbard wrote: "In the beginning of the xiv century the Portuguese had a special breed of dogs that are bred and trained for assistance to fishermen. In the Middle Ages, these dogs have been distributed around the coast of Portugal and were famous for their remarkable ability to swim There is almost no doubt that the large ships of the Great Armada sailed from Lisbon, May 18, 1558 (ie more than half of the fleet of Portugal), Portuguese Water Dogs were, specially trained for rescue work at sea

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