Holiday Paradise

A holiday that made fun of the whole family what does so distinctive a holiday on the island of Rab? The island smells like Sage, lavender, green fields and forests, from the blue sea, attracts a mild breeze on the beautifully landscaped promenade with its small cafes and restaurants. The island of Rab invites with its Vista courses, just to dream. Especially the Church of Marija Velika, with the corresponding Tower, is a feast for the eyes, it has a height of 25 m and six floors. Especially is interesting, as the window to the top. The Cathedral has a beautiful Renaissance portal and above on the portal a relief from the years 1497 of the master has been drawn up Peter Trogir. If one approaches however with the ferry to the island, the island looks like a parched desert. But a few kilometres into the Interior of the island, one is surprised how much did green forests and fields, to offer the island. The island has become known years ago by the nudist beaches, because on Rab there were first nudist of country, which of course was the Eden of nudists.

The eponymous port town of Rab itself, with its approximately 900 inhabitants, is located on the West coast of the island, it was founded already before Christ and is located between the Bay of Sveta Fumija and the port of Rab, where was a typical Mediterranean town. The town impressed everyone with its winding streets and beautiful location on a large rock, which juts out into the turquoise sea. Parts of the ancient walls are still preserved today and enchant the town with a special flair. Feisty is the beach promenade “Riva” at the port, which with its excursion boats and fair on fishing boats, the port in an international verstaendiges come and go. Rab offers not only Sun, beach and water, but also many hiking and cycle paths on which the tourists can explore the island. The island is by the way, particularly suitable for families, because the experience is a top priority here. You can book hotels and apartments on Rab still at affordable prices and visit restaurants, tears also a large hole in the wallet. Text agency EtMa consulting

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