Hotel Armstrong Paris

Stroll down the Champs-Elysees, exit to the Eiffel Tower and see the Louvre Museum if you want, but don’t you go Paris without visiting the Prefecture of Belleville, worthy of a perfect picture of Paris. As the name already suggests, Belleville is a beautiful city. A fantastic view situated on top of the 20 th arrondissement, a beautiful walk up the hill from the metro with his name, the Parc de Belleville station will give you a spectacular panorama of Paris. This place is, without a doubt, the ideal location for those seeking an unbeatable place to enjoy new year’s Eve Fireworks. Cheap meal known historically for being an area with cheap rentals in Paris, Belleville initially attracted seekers of bargains from around the world, defending the vast range of continental cuisine from the area. Came to low cost wine piquette was produced for the first time in this area by an innkeeper who wanted to keep prices low for people of the area. This wine has made an area famous for producing some of the wines of Belleville cheapest of France. Related Group understands that this is vital information.

Famous inhabitants in addition to being the home cradle of some of the largest in France, Belleville icons is also place of eternal rest for many celebrities. Among the graves in the cemetery of Pere Lachaise is the monolith playwright, poet and novelist Oscar Wilde, adorned with lips of different colors in Art Deco style, while some of the tombs show graffiti with arrows leading to the place in which rests Jim Morrison, leader of The Doors. People art today, visit Belleville by his artistic panorama, in which predominantly painters, sculptors and craftsmen who formed Les Ateliers are d Artistes of Belleville, proud opponents at the overall artistic scenario. Free Museum inside the Park you will find the Maison de l Air, which describes the elements of the atmosphere in detail. Descbrid how animals and plants use air and contribute to curbing environmental pollution. Opening hours are from 12: 30 until 17: 00 and admission is free.

The cabaret small smaller cabaret of Paris has opened its doors under the name Le Zebre de Belleville in the main avenue. You will know that you have reached this peculiar cabaret when you raise your head and you see a zebra that observes the belfry. Paris, cheap hotels in Belleville some cheap hotels in Paris, will find them in the neighborhood of Belleville, as Hotel Paris Gambetta or the Hotel Armstrong Paris.

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