I remember some years ago, towards the year 1999, when he was the President of the Local society of hunting of Villalonga, I went to his Majesty the King of Spain for help in this regard, which moved the request to the competent administration of my autonomous community, this answered us affirming that hunting can not be regarded primarily as a sport and that in the future law on hunting so are you implying. Four years later, in 2004, in the adoption of the current hunting law did the opposite. Mr Tomas Puchol, Member of the Popular parliamentary group in the Corts Valencianes, stated: “Obviously there are nuances within what is hunting, but hunting practised as defined in this Bill leaves no doubt, is a sport”. Or what he said in the plenary session of the Cortes: that the law has the support of the Federation of hunting and this law seemed Super. How would you not seem great, if the hunting Federation is one Sports Federation? Photo: fernando.

I’ve always argued that hunting is not a sport, and I have fought for the rights of hunting and its own identity. Now there are many who make it and every day there are more. Not because you consider or think that it should be so, but because it is legally, since the Spanish Constitution and the autonomy statute indicate that they are two different things: hunting and sport. I am not going to be me who breach of legality and that mandate affirming that hunting is a sport. In addition would be a mentecato not knowing that the Real Academia de la Lengua says that sport is physical activity, exercised as a game or competition, whose practice involves training and subject to standards, while hunting is not a game or a am convinced that the influence of the hunting Federation, which in reality and legality is a Sports Federation, has been removed to hunting and hunters, identity and if the Federation had used his strength and to the Group of hunters to demand the rights of hunting, perhaps the hunting and hunters in the situation would not be that they are currently. I will give a few examples to illustrate the theft or loss of identity: the Act of hunting of the Valencian Community treats as sporting preserves preserves, and hunting modalities like sports (such as for example waiting for wild boar); or for example the recent judgement of the Court top of Justice of the Valencian Community, that our hunting entities Association of the Valencian Community has earned him to the Ministry, where the Administration itself says, or rather intended, that the societies of hunters consider them hunting club and federated (sports entities), for giving or awarding them the controlled hunting areas; or the most scandalous of all, that example to representatives of hunting appoint them to the State Council for Natural Heritage and biodiversity the Higher Council for sports. These are examples which show us that they are gradually removing identity to hunting and hunters.

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