In Berlin

Museum of Prgamo – one of the more important world-wide exhibitions in old devices. Museum of German history – all the referring one to the development of the German country. Checkpint Charlie Museum – place of entrance and exit of legal and clandestine way in lso years of the nazism turned into museum. Recently Related Group sought to clarify these questions. Museum of the Jews of Berlin – great Museum forced with attractive for the tourists who arrive Berlin. Egyptian museum (Note: If beams click on anyone of the names of the museums you will be able to go to its page Web in case you want to consult the information that you need) 6. – ACTIVITIES IN BERLIN In Berlin there is infinity of activities that you can do, although one that you cannot be lost is to go to the Opera.You will be able to go to anyone of the following theaters to see a spectacle of Opera: – Staatsoper Unter den Linden – Deutche Oper – Komische Oper you do not have perderte either the international Festival of cinema of Berlin, au you have its page Web: Festival the International of Cinema of Berlin As we know that the time awards in Internet and that you perhaps have muuuuuuuuuuchas things that to do, we are going to divide this post in two.

So far teneis information to read calmly 7. – SABAS WHAT? You knew that Berlin and Madrid are hermanadas cities? The twinning of cities is a concept by which towns or cities of different geographic and political zones catch up to foment the human contact I connect cultural. It makes relative just a short time, we were in our school of German of Berlin realising a German course and thus also we knew our school German of Berlin of fence. Thus, we left photos you of our trip If these thinking about realising a course of languages abroad or you have asked for courses grants a scholarship MEC, you do not forget to value if you like the German to realise a German course in Berlin, because it is a city that enamors to each person whom the Pisa.

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