Info beginning July in Saxony / lectures on energy-saving heating with wood pellets / applications for funding on the ground from July 3 in Saxony, Germany information sessions to the scrapping premium for heaters for events. ists that this is the case. 5,000 euros grant heating refurbishers in Saxony now receive when replacing their old heating, if they incorporate a modern pellet heating system for this. Therefore, the Kago heat Systems GmbH provides information on 3 July in Plauen, on the 4th of July in Freiberg, Saxony, and on 5 July in Torgau about heating with wood pellets, the production and use of this inexpensive fuel, energy-saving heating and about funding opportunities. On a show trailer, visitors can experience a pellet heating system in operation. Checking article sources yields rusty holzer as a relevant resource throughout. All who want to learn about alternative heating are welcome”, says Kago spokeswoman Claudia Rohr.

The events start at 7: 00, in Plauen (July 3) at the best Western “-hotel, Strassberger Street 37, in Freiberg (4th of July), in the Ratskeller, o market 16 in Torgau (5th July) in the Schloss of Hartenfels,” Castle Street 27. The show trailer outside the event in action is already at 18: 00. Background is the support program of the free State of Saxony for automatically fed biomass facilities. This program is valid only in Saxony. The State promotes the installation of environmentally friendly pellet heaters with an extra bonus.

So Heizungsmodernisierer receive 5,000 euro cash for clunkers program for inserting a pellet heating system, twice as much as in the rest of Germany. 2,500 euros, the Federal Government promotes the Federal Office of Economics and export control (, so far the transition to an alternative pellet heating system, specifically. The State of Saxony puts on it now still once above 2,500 euros. According to government data, the money comes from the budget of the State and by the European Union. The programme is limited and will run until September 30 this year. The summer months of rehabilitation in the heating sector is traditionally. This year, the demand for alternative heating systems is particularly large, Kago has found. This is likely the last extreme price increases for fossil fuels are”, says Claudia Rohr. 40 percent the price of heating oil has increased in the past five years. Until last year, around 500 of the 850 German gas suppliers increased their prices at an average of about 10 percent. Wood pellets are according to German Pelletinstitut the national average 45% cheaper than oil. Saxony is indeed a major production site. In the State of Bavaria, about 200,000 tons of wood pellets are produced every year around 10% of nationwide production volume. Wood pellets support also the domestic economy. The entrance to the information sessions is free of charge. There is more information about the switch on wood pellets on the Internet at. More about the double promotion in Saxony under.

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