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In the first part of this article, I showed him two methods to find out more about your competition: competitive intelligence and Ego Searches. In this new article, I will show you some methods. Method 3: the Google Alerts has a system very little used by the majority of employers. You are going to and defined alerts using the name or product of a competitor and says your email. Related Group is often quoted on this topic. In this way Google will send you an email about the latest results that match your request that appear (or be indexed) by Google. Google Alert is the search and leading web intelligence solution for monitoring your professional interests online. It tracks the entire web for your personalized topics and sends you new results daily by email.

Another option is the which is a service of excellent quality by third parties also. Method 4: Insert TagsSu webmaster knows them to perfection. The Meta Tags are a few characters belonging to the HTML that you should write within the page’s code and that tell search engines which They indexed why terms must be found page. View the source of your competitor’s page is very simple, just open the page in your favorite browser and then find the option view > source code if you are using Explorer, for example. Once you see your source code, pay particular attention to the header tags including title, description, and keywords.

Are these keywords part of your marketing mix? They shall define in that market to compete. You should consider them seriously. Method 5: you assemble information mismoEl web site Googspy is particularly useful when it is used properly. Enter a keyword, business name, or domain, click on the results and see the 25 top companies competing. If any of those web sites are using pay per click in Google, you can also get a partial list of keywords AdWords who bought. Web site gives you a glimpse of the competitors, but the list you provide in any way is exhaustive. Method 6: links EntrantesLos inbound links are particularly useful because they will tell you who believed his competitor which are related sites. Many of them, are sites with complementary products that could also be useful to your business; in other cases, it is site providers and others will simply be directories that share your same topic. In any case, know who link to your competitor, can be an excellent source of information. There are several ways to determine who is linking to your competitor. A simple way is to conduct a search in Google with link: domain. com (replace with the domain of your competed). Yahoo enter a search by linkdomain: domain. com. This search will display all web pages that link to your competitor. You may also ask for links from these web sites. Another method to find incoming links to their competitor is using BackLink tools such as. You can also find places where request links or in the latter simply Enter the keyword and a list of sites that may request links. In the next part of this article I will show you more ways to investigate your competition. If you liked this post, you can see more posts like this in.

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