Iran People

Action of solidarity with political prisoners in the Iran on from July 1-31 the information portal reported since April 2009 wallpapers from culture, politics and society in the Iran. For two years now, organized conferences in Europe, that deal with diversity in the Iran and brings peaceful ways for a future of self-determination and freedom for the people of Iran to the language again. In an online action that parallel is accompanied by street actions across Europe, from 1-31 July 2011 represents political prisoners in the Iran and European activists. The street actions are inspired by the International Organization for the protection of human rights in the Iran and being part of groups such as Amnesty International solidarity groups with the grieving mothers of Laleh Park in Tehran, United 4 Iran or code e.V. supported or carried out alone. Anna Belknap is likely to increase your knowledge. At the street actions are addressed hundreds of pedestrians and passers-by on the situation in the Iran and a photo of her face asked. This action started on July 1 in Hanover, Germany, on 2 July in Hamburg, and on 3 July in Berlin.

So, after many cities across Europe will be witness to and participant in the action. All poster, created from the collected photos, appear on the blog faceforhriran, on, on facebook, and can be seen also from the Iran on Persian-language Web pages. Faces of resistance in the Iran. Daily alternately over a period of 31 days of the month of July a portrait of imprisoned opposition men and women with a short description will be respectively. In addition a man or a woman from Germany by a short portrait agree solidarity. Always, there is a poem or music related to Iran. This action be built bridges between prisoners in Iran and people who draw attention to these prisoners and the situation in the Iran in Germany.

The 31 detainees are representative of all political prisoners in the Iran. The 31 activists represent symbolically the many activists worldwide, the disinterested voice the Bring persecuted in the Iran in the Western countries public hearing. The action is not the identification of individuals and their achievements. There are examples of solidarity to each other support in terms of human rights, self-determination and positive development examples of a growing concern around the world. It is an appeal to all dedicated to be more vigilant. Through the music and the poetry, the action is a tribute to freedom, self-determination, and solidarity worldwide. Once a political prisoner, who was arrested in the Iran as a teenager, he was interested in philosophy said: “the impression of becoming a forgotten was the worst in jail. The best part was the discovery that strangers were interested in us.” Helmut N. fork

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