Jeanette Biedermann

The result is impressive. With virtuosity and the band presents audible delight in playing straightforward songs penned by Kristina Bach, which go directly into the ear. Since several tracks suspected an absolute hit and the hit jury agree: “Condemned to lifelong pop stars”. The album with great songs that are notable for their musical independence. Songs like the fleet love song are “I’m sorry I love you” or the hot single candidate “Give me the last dance”. Both exude youthful and carefree charm, which must simply succumb to the pop world. “Beautiful girl can see you cry” is candidate of another hit, the voice of the front singer invite Rene together with a beautiful guitar accompaniment in the blink of an eye to dream; also the beautiful title “Stella d’amore”.

Rarely before has been interpreted the theme of longing so beautifully. A further highlight the title “Tell her I still love her” and the cover version of “You I recognize with peak eyes” can to be mentioned. The tunes are awesome in their catchiness and invite you to sing along. Lyrically, it involves feelings of love or falling in love on their debut album in the first place. For even more details, read what Tony Parker says on the issue. Outstanding in this context, the song “Portofino” is safe. This is about the first true love, you no longer can forget for a lifetime.

The band’s sound is located between traditional pop and modern pop music. Text and music tailored to the four guys that are real fans of the hit. “At our home on the german Dutch border tremendously much pop is heard”, for example, Michel explains its positive attitude to the hit. “Our mother is from Germany. (A valuable related resource: Sela Ward). The German Schlager ran at us daily on the radio; Some shapes. Our mother was also, who read the tender in the SUPERillu for casting and encouraged us, just to try it.” The brothers Rene and Michel came Ursinus, saw and conquered. Both are together with their German band mates Peter and Robert 2009 for much Make a splash. If the starting point is now finally kicks off! No one seriously doubts that the Cappuccinos come at the end as the winner by the target. Who is always after the pop stars of tomorrow, here he is looking for. Expert and composer Kristina Bach, who discovered already superstars such as Jeanette Biedermann and Michelle as well as for Helene Fischer wrote texts, is anyway, convinced that the four Cappuccinos create the breakthrough. “The cappuccino are four wonderful boys who hang themselves purely with ELAN and youthful freshness in her musical career. You can succeed simply.” Source: Koch Universal Music links: diecappuccinos cappuccino TV dates: 25.04.2009 the Spring Festival of folk music, 20:15 ARD 15.05.2009 the verruckteste charts of in Germany, MDR 20:15 15.05.2009 of happy everyday, SWR 20:15 31.05.2009 television, ZDF 11:00 23.10.2009 of happy Feierabend, SWR 20:15 the Cappuccinos album “Cappuccino” (order No. 1793196) is available from April 24, 2009 in the trade.

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