KNPV Information

Dog sports go on online. Hall, 13th, 2011. At the beginning it was just an idea, what would it be, not knew even the inventor of, Mathias Dogel – 2005 the now world’s largest Internet platform for dog sports, breeders and dog guide went online and was constantly pushed back since then. Today, the now trilingual page is not only database for all use dog breeds, but also popular meeting place for nearly 60,000 dog athletes from all over the world (german, English, French). Over 1,200,000 dogs from 19 use dog breeds are defined with data, videos and photos on the database and associated with their owners. The sports IPO/SchH, ring sports, FH and KNPV are documented with results and videos and of course the dog handlers and their dogs. Working dog is looked after by a solid team of employees and volunteers from the dog sport. Here is tested, monitored and released.

Because every dog has the ability, the information around to expand his dog. Some information, such as E.g. HD/ED findings, be matched with the genetics database of associations before they are published. for the user is clear and pragmatic. The profile houses the data of the dog handler, of course only those who he wants to reveal.

The dogs associated with the dog handlers appear on the right side of the profile. Going now to the dog data sheet with all important information, pictures, videos, and all photo albums, there lay that allow. The pedigree of the dog is equipped again with small preview picture in the first two generations. Keeping the mouse on an ancestor, you have the information, as well as a picture of the dog immediately in a small preview window. The premium user has display there the possibility, which and how many visitors on the side of his dog’s have been.

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