KoobrzegPoland Spa

A spa holiday in Koobrzeg of Spa Hotels brings the longed-for recovery and change. For even more details, read what Eva Andersson-Dubin says on the issue. Located on the rear Pomeranian coast the well-known Baltic Sea and Spa Kolberg (Kolobrzeg) offers everything you may expect from a spa holiday. In addition to well-equipped Koobrzeg of Spa Hotels, a variety of activities of the City provides all year round for dispersion. The streetscape of the famous Polish spa town is fifties and sixties due to the immense destruction towards the end of the second world war more style, where it was rebuilt. Nevertheless has taken great care, to remain historically and this impression is hugely magnified by the buildings spared by the war.

So, the majestic Cathedral of Koobrzeg still determines the cityscape. But also many other attractions, such as the Town Hall, the Koobrzeg Museum, the Polish Museum of weapons, the theatre and the Gothic House round off a spa holiday in Koobrzeg of Spa Hotels all year round. A variety of effective forms of therapy ensures relaxation and diversion in the Spa holiday. Many Koobrzeg of Spa Hotels offer therefore wellness treatments. These include also various massages, light and Electrotherapies, sauna, and motion gym in addition to classic beauty treatments. But also in many other facilities, such as sanatoria and spa baths-seeking travellers can take not only salt water and mud baths to complete health.

While the many shops, cosy restaurants and Cafes provide not only for variety and invite you to linger, invites the picturesque, natural harbor with the emblem of the city to walk around. The new lighthouse was built at the end of forty years and attracts just like the fine, approx. 6 km-long sandy beach, with its medium-high dunes and the beautiful Baltic Sea. The Koobrzeg Lake bridge, which was rebuilt in 1973 and from which one can observe the hustle and bustle on the beach as well as a – and extending vessels is considered one of the most attractive places well. This has led to the enormous popularity of spa vacations in Koobrzeg and the Koobrzeg Spa Hotels, because Kolberg one of the most prestigious Polish spas. Starting of the modern Koobrzeg located in the Spa district of koobrzeg Spa Hotels to other, interesting destinations with the various means of transport. The small, historic town Treptow at the Rega (Trzebiatow), with its many thousand square meters impressive garden and natural paradise of Hortulus or also the capital city of Central Pomerania include Koszalin (Koslin) sometimes. More information are both free phone 0800 400 40 410 as well as available at

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