Lasik Method

The laser ALLEGRETTO wave Concerto is currently one of the most modern laser equipment for eye laser treatment. The LASIK method is an eye laser procedure, in which the cornea with excimer laser is modeled to correct existing Ametropia such as short, hyperopia, or astigmatism. The laser ALLEGRETTO wave Concerto of the company WaveLight from Erlangen is a State of the art excimer laser, which Vorzuge the following are described. Due to the fact that the rate of removal of corneal tissue is extremely high during the LASIK surgery, which is wave Concerto Allegretto widely also known as the “the world’s fastest laser”. With 500 pulses per second (500 Hertz), the laser wearing parts of the corneal tissue to correct the refractive error. A short-sightedness by for example-6 diopters can be treated in less than 10 seconds.

The speed of the laser has the advantage, that prevents dehydration of the cornea and is positively influenced by minimizing the gap of wound healing. For the patient, it is also more comfortable the shorter takes the laser. The point, which is focused on the activation of the laser, also called scanning spot. The LASIK Surgeon can work more precisely, depending on this point is small. The spot diameter of the Allegretto wave Concerto is only 0.68 mm. In comparison to other excimer laser up to 35% less corneal tissue must be removed systems, to achieve the same results. To minimize possible occurring side effects such as halos and night vision problems through the LASIK operation, an essential characteristic of the Wavefront guided treatment is integrated in the calculation of the ablation profile.

The ablation profile is adapted to the local irregularities of the cornea of the patient. Allegretto wave Concerto has the laser surgeon able to generate large effective optical zones, which in turn holds the advantage of minimal tissue removal in small transition zones. Night vision problems, glare or problems in the marriages of contrast can significantly this way even at wide open pupil be reduced. The Allegretto wave Concerto laser eye is equipped with the innovative principle of security PerfectPulse technology. This technology ensures that every single laser pulse energy is controlled during the treatment. From production to impact on the eye, the energy is checked three times. This energy stability of the laser guarantees accurate results and thus highest safety. Another special feature of the Allegretto wave Concerto is a particularly gentle and uniform removal of tissue through the so-called Gaussian beam profile. Overlap zones, as contour gradients without steps and grooves can be created. Better results, faster healing of tissue and a rapid stabilization of the vision are the result. The integrated eye tracking system registers every movement of the eye. Also fastest eye movements can be tracked and compensated, so that the laser pulse at the desired position will be placed. The eye tracker of the Allegretto control the position of the eye of 500 times per second and automatically aligns the center of the pupil. Tissue removal prevents such in the wrong place even with the slightest movement of the eye. Moreover, measures he the corneal ablation wave laser as a single laser ALLEGRETTO during treatment in real time and can simultaneously acquire the moisture of the skin during the treatment. The LASIK patients more comfortable and safer and the results becomes more precise.

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