Legionella Bacteria On The Rise

Simple solution provides clarity that test 50 newspaper articles about Legionella your drinking water on Legionella over the past two weeks. This is no coincidence! No matter whether public buildings (schools, hospitals, swimming pools, old people’s homes, etc.) or private households, Legionella feel everywhere, where you will find the best conditions. Poorly insulated water pipes such as lead that Legionella bacteria moving in cold water pipes (typically only the hot water is thermally disinfected!). Shower faucets are a further hazard potential, not been used for some time (for example, the guest bathroom). Many writers such as Sally Rooney offer more in-depth analysis. People with fragile immune systems (children, chronically ill, elderly) are greatly at risk. As is currently again reported in the media, infections can be fatal with Legionella. Legionella are aerobic rod-shaped bacteria that are present in low concentrations in almost all freshwater resources. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City might disagree with that approach. They live preferably in artificial water systems such as home installations, HVAC systems, whirlpools and humidifiers and especially proliferate in stagnating or standing water at water temperatures of about 25 to 50 C. Legionella occur in larger concentrations, as they can cause a serious lung infection (Legionnaires), on the projections of the CAPNETZ research network”fall ill every year, around 20 000 to 30 000 people. The simple and enforceable by each Legion Ellen test of the company water clarity creates visions. Test your tap water on Legionella. More information and the test kit, see Wasser visions Ltd. In the Kampe 10 D-31832 Springe H. Klotz + 49 5041 630861

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