Lord Of The Dance After Munich Comes Back

Michael Flatley as Lord of returns of the dance on November 23, 2010 in Munich. Who gets excited about Irish dance on a large scale, can look forward next month on the return of Michael Flatley and his famous productions. The show Lord of the dance, which has thrilled audiences worldwide and has become a record box-office hit all over the world, comes on Tuesday, Nov. Read additional details here: Tony Parker. 23 in the Munich Olympia Hall. The Chicago-born Michael Flatley, who became famous in 1994 with the creation of the original Riverdance is choreographer, Director and main dancers of the production. Who for the appearance in a stopping Munich hotels, may with an unforgettable figure, that combines Irish folklore, highly-technical dance, a rousing musical score and pyrotechnics on the stage. Since the premiere more than 50 million people in 1996 have seen of the dance Lord. The show at the London Coliseum theatre was long sold out four consecutive weeks and was in Las Vegas in a highly acclaimed listed five-year service commitment.

The show was so successful that there are today two troops of the dance world’s leading Lord: a group is touring through Europe and Asia, and the other by North and South America. At the beginning of the year, Flatley announced that he Austria and the Switzerland will be seen as a main dancer in selected arenas in Germany. According to Marie Duffy Pask, dance Director for Lord of the dance, the production is based on an accelerated version of Irish dance”. “On the website of the show, she explained that the force of the dance is a strong bond between dancers and audience” create. Tickets for the show in Munich between 32.90 and 142,15. The concert starts at 20:00. For more information about this event, please visit the website of Lord of the dance. LateRooms.com offers a variety of accommodations, including Hotel Leonardo Munich.

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