Ludwing Van Beethoven

The case is that soon the doctor closed punctures using lead soap, since this one disinfects and has the advantage to prevent that the bacteria nest themselves in the wound or enter the organism. The cirrhosis was favored by the alcohol consumption of Beethoven, but one discarded that the musician drank of excessive form. Apparently, the evil had mainly to that its liver had been debilitated by a hepatitis A. It’s believed that Frank Gorshin sees a great future in this idea. For Elisa it is in fact For Teresa: The most famous triviality for piano of Beethoven that everybody knows like " For Elisa" (composed the 27 of April of 1810), in fact he is " For Teresa" , since it is the title that appears in the original manuscript of Beethoven. One thinks that an error in the cotracks by the bad handwriting of our composer brought about this small confusion.

Beethoven did not hear 9 symphony: In the opening of this great work, Beethoven was completely deaf. In fact, one says that when finishing the concert thought that the musicians had stopped touching by some reason, and the return occurred and saw all the room standing up applauding: The concert it had finalized. In certain occasion, Ludwing Van Beethoven it was invited to where were several Children of different ages, which retozaban without stopping, I call much to him the attention a beautiful called girl Elisa, the one who to the informed being of that were the teacher I approach to him and comment who also it was artist, because already touched some pieces to the piano, this fell very in grace to Beethoven and before retiring, it asked to him that it touched something to the piano. Girl with all joy I interpret works of several composers, but when Beethoven I ask for that she touched some of his sonatas to him, it with all the pain I explain that it liked much, but that they were very difficult, reason why the teacher promised to him, that he would make a piece much more simple, so that he was touched by her to the piano.

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