Magazine Luiza

not now. For three reasons. First and the main one of them is that the Orkut still is the main door of entrance of internautas in social medias, essentially between users of classrooms C and D and enter the population above of the 50 years. Real-estate developer has many thoughts on the issue. This layer of the population, that to the few comes if inserting in the digital world, opts to if initiating in the pages of relationship indicated by familiar and known. As the classrooms lowest they are majority in the Orkut, them finish indicating the site for its friends.

Test of this is that the Magazine You, social the virtual store of commerce of the Magazine Luiza, directed retail net to public C and D, go to allow that using of the Orkut and the Facebook products of the company in its personal pages vendam. That is: the Magazine Luiza and several other companies know that, even so the Facebook is the site of the moment, its consuming virtual-key still is in the Orkut. As the point in favor of the Orkut is the communities and fruns of quarrel. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jorge Perez. In contrast of the FB, where the companies generally create and manage its proper pages, in the Orkut this incumbency finishes being for the consumers whom, for love or hatred to one it marks or product, likes to share its opinion with others internautas. Thus, in the Orkut, internauta if feels more to the will to say what really it thinks, giving to the corporations a more realistic vision of what it desires. A famous case is of the Nescau. When Nestl, has about 3 years, decided to take off of the shelves the Nescau with the original formula, some communities had been created in the Orkut, asking for the return of the product. The company perceived the error that had committed e, in little time, returned with the achocolatado one. E, the third and more convincing argument not to leave the Orkut, at least for the time being, are that to be in a social media it does not want to say to have that to abdicate of one another one. It is enough to see that many corporations, as the Tecnisa, obtain to be gifts of efficient form not only in the Orkut and the Facebook, but also in the Twitter, the Youtube, the Formspring, the LinkedIn, the Flickr, the Foursquare Therefore, answering to the question that of the heading to this article, I recommend that the company is present in the two, since that she obtains to produce content excellent and adapted for each ones of the nets and that it obtains to become related of coherent form with the consumer.

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