Marc Hiller

As a matter of course, I haven’t seen everything that’s happened to this day. You need to go with much energy and passion and especially people who are one and the way. “My emotions as well as my feeling stirrings were and are extremely versatile and govern me in positive terms, at all my doing.” And so a whole kaleidoscope of emotions and moods is revealed on this new CD at the same time. I do starting from the life-affirming tears that du lachst”to titled promoting self-confidence what I gotta do (all the words are said)”, sings BIRGIT LANGER different themes, makes use of many small stories from the life and picks up in the sophisticated style comprehensible messages and life experiences, to give you insight as authentic, its formal and substantive freedom. Love is a dominant theme and is sung in many titles varied in all its facets and shades. “BIRGIT LANGER in the soulful ballad you’re gorgeous shows me is happening” (itself written in the rest by Birgit Langer) sprays as a hopeless romantic, who can escape the magic of a night of love, but the stars ask the upbeat “astrological wit and high spirits. The convincing credibly interpreted title is every day like a small life”describes in full “Tenderness the love as a force that can change the life, while in the absolutely danceable somehow infinitely” kess to irony the type of confidence man who is actually just aloof and non-binding.

“” “If the longing for holidays in the fast-paced 7 days Sun”, whether hope and wishes in the immediately catchy, believe in your dreams “or feelings of happiness and adoration in Butterfly d amour”, that through its dynamic orientation leaves a remarkably strong impression BIRGIT LANGER dominated sovereign textual nuance and mastered every musical challenge. “Come in addition to the immensely hit suspicious and catch with me the sunshine” that already achieved considerable success as the second radio single after a short time, and one of four German competition titles to the final of the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2010 “is, in particular the title marked champagne for breakfast” a highlight of the album. Great tune arc with morning tenderness, Tommy Mustac created a composition the to the wake up is beautiful. Tony Parker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Accompanied with quiet words full poetic melancholy, reverie and wishes, celebrated champagne for breakfast”the perfect morning or courted the next day. Thanks to the unmistakable voice of BIRGIT LANGER, is this title to the unforgettable listening experience and hopefully soon finds a permanent place in the morning radio program. “Bottom line: believe in your dreams” this is contemporary German Schlager in perfection. Together with the composer and producer Tommy Mustac and the lyricist Marc Hiller, a great first throw of their fledgling solo career managed BIRGIT LANGER.

To Birgit: I can still can’t believe it. My first album, with such great songs in the hands to keep makes me very proud and thankful at the same time. Youth dream come true for me. Finally I can show what’s in me and what really moves me. I very much hope I continue seeing people’s hearts with my music.

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