Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean cruises are becoming increasingly popular. Now the major American cruise lines to remember that. Also the large American shipping companies now discover the charms of Mediterranean cruises. Only the giant Royal Caribbean stationed 9 cruise ships in the Mediterranean in the summer of 2011. In Mediterranean, there are still growth rates which no longer cruises are on the home market for Caribbean cruises. And given the size of the huge cruise ships Royal Caribbean cruises 2011 already the market leader for Mediterranean.

Also Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) is expanding the offerings in Europe. From the 2012 season, NCL is all year round station two cruise ships in the Mediterranean. And then the huge flagship of Norwegian epic as reinforcement comes in the summer. The American shipping companies become cruises and MSC Cruises in the Mediterranean serious competitors of place deer Costa. What makes the charm of a Mediterranean Cruise. A wide range of different routes, always with a wealth of history and tradition, Natural wonders, colors and citrus scents! Immerse for example cruise on a Mediterranean in the fascinating culture of Greece, Turkey, Israel and Egypt. Experience ancient sites such as the birthplace of the Olympic Games or discover the Holy City”Bethlehem.

Certainly unforgettable impressions. Turbulent cities such as Barcelona and the Moroccan Casablanca alternate cruise on a Mediterranean with the beautiful beaches of Tenerife. Especially worth seeing: The colourful flower diversity in Madeira! And if you have time only for a week, then a Mediterranean is the right choice for you cruise. You can reach the most basic ports like Barcelona, Venice and Genoa in maximum 2 hours. Especially in winter, a Mediterranean Cruise is a wonderful way to soak up some light and Sun. Enjoy warming rays of the sun while you discover beautiful cities such as Rome and Tunis. Or stroll through the narrow streets of the old town of Palma de Mallorca and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.

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