Megan Fox Cosmogirl Is 2008 – Video & Pictures

The sexy actress graces the cover of Cosmogirl Megan Fox. She was often compared with Angelina Jolie, which is probably also due to her mouth. In addition, the model and actress has a dream body and an equally great face. No wonder that the comparisons were not far away. For even more analysis, hear from movie star. Now Megan Fox gave an interview in the new June/July issue in the Cosmogirl. There, she told what to like everything. Interesting things there came to light. As a woman, she has of course also her favorite designer articles. Jorge Perez has many thoughts on the issue.

She says: “I love my Ulla Johnson shorts I have appointed over 30 pairs. “Also my Christian Louboutin shoes.” (Christian Louboutin is the trendiest footwear supplier of the stars at the moment.) In addition, Megan Fox has named also her favorite book. A miracle of the a so busy actress is still time for the read has. The book is called “Kiss the Girls” and is by James Patterson. Megan Fox, always for a surprise well and by the way still beautiful to look at.

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