Mexican Country

But the abuses and the disrespects against the Mexican legislation increased medida that immigration becomes a uncontrollable factor for the governomexicano. &#039 was the time of the call; ' Conquest of the Oeste' ' asdificuldades for consolidation of a National State in Mexico, marked porconstantes internal conflicts and dictatorships, United States had still finished creating maisfavorveis conditions for the expansion them. The American colonists initiate a revolt and declaramem 1836 aindependncia of the region, adoptando a constitution based on the constituioamericana. For U.S.A., in its period of expansion the wars of fronteirasarrogavam a defining symbol of the identity and the geographic space of the country. Oobjectivo was to move away to all and any threat the American sovereignty, therefore aquelepovo had a destination to be fulfilled through the divine promise. Exactly the country obtaining the annexation of the Texas, consequentemente, increasing the economic power of the South, the states of the North noaceitavam the expansion of the slavery, increasing with this, the tension and osconflitos between the regions. The South searched the increase of its empire of cotton, through the man power of the slaves and the North, more advanced in termosindustriais, tried the expansion of free lands, worried about the increase to dopoder economic of the sulistas.

2.4. The Abolition Contrasting with the Segregation the conflicts take feio of war with the idea deseparao of the South region against the union, deflagrada for the sulista elite, dandoorigem to the called States Confederates, formed for Carolina of the South, Alabama, Flowery, the Mississippi, Gergia and finally the Texas. The beginning of conflitosmilitares happens in Charleston, in the Carolina of the South, after the invasion of umforte of the troops of the Union for the sulistas confederates in 1861. Estavadeflagrada there the Civil War. The North of the country counted on a very bigger number depessoas apt to participate of the war, beyond having comoaliada industrialization, even so the South counted on great names of the military strategy, but issono was enough.

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