Michelin Guide

What counts are the lenses, that is what some people call the method. That is why I think the literary text can not be fruitfully addressed but only in higher education. Therefore, is it necessary to suppress the teaching of French literature in our secondary schools, as some rightly so wish? I would answer "no", for the simple reason that unless a barbarian, we do not burn those files. In this case, it should burn all our museums! But a museum, it can be arranged, even if some stations are arranged to some selected works. Could choose another image: that of the metropolitan. You ride on the train and find the line, even if it stops at some stations. And even if you drive those little tourist trains that will give the tour a "historical" from the center of the city, pointing to a downtime in front of this or that monument.

They are going to laugh, but when I get to a city I do not know, rent those little tourist trains voluntarily, even if I revisit this or that monument that has interested me most. In other words, what teachers need to offer French Literature, in short, the secondary, is an overview, in depth. But this overview may propose the gym teacher, why not, if you have good taste and knows how to read a Michelin Guide to the Literature and draw the attention of your students! He says, I realized quickly enough, while the "human sciences" taught in our "Faculty of Arts and Humanities" (the "y", here, which is significant here), were always, literature, acquitted shortly after my studies, a BA in Philosophy.

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