Modern Russian Poet Vmironova

Vladimir Mironov – a modern Russian poet of the XXI century. He writes poetry on various unique themes: love, life, nature, poems of love for God, poetry of his homeland. The poet is unique in that his family history and life in general, it postponed great influence on his work. We suggest you familiarize yourself with his work. Lilac Bouquet Tell me a bouquet of lilacs, more filled with your scent, And why are you on the day of the spring to bring joy to every house? All of that is bouquet is a symbol of happiness and love, all of that smell colors add life to goodness.

I give that flower I loved, I give not a holiday – just like that. After all that bunch – a bouquet of lilacs love and happiness, a good sign. Wind outside the window the wind blows that there is strength, And my birch it is not nice. Broke he leaves – krasotischu summer exposed the beauty, not to ask for advice. For your pranks her to stand all winter, naked, not veiled, it is still a favorite. Well, why are you so angry wind? We after all, love you, you can not be forgotten. You are the messenger of winter, all you have to check all the winter eh ready, others do not trust.

Sam tore all the leaves, sweep them myself, To walk the kids sometimes do not allow it. Autumn rain outside the window knocking on the glass, drops flowing, as though his tears. Leaves are falling down on the grass with our beautiful birch Autumn has come frequent rain, fog around everything is covered. Though we live in another world, in all the world forgotten. In the sky above us cry of cranes, on the south they flew here to stay like they are afraid of them, but bad snowstorm. One lonely soul Now, Outside, the wind walks. Fallen leaves from the trees to the ground, he quietly sweeps. Autumn – the rains and cold wind, time of disease and tears. Zimushko with snow waiting for the big, wait and bitter cold. Vladimir Mironov

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