Modern Technological Times

We are living the age of the technology, everything that if the art relates and entertainment nowadays we find in the imensido of the world of the Internet. seeing a vast national generation of artists of rap mainly of the interior without a support in the part of spreading of its works, the Sonorous Artillery appeared pra to give this endorsement to that always they will search and they will not obtain a support. The intention of the site is to postar interviews, launchings, agenda of shows, videos of the artists etc.? We are in you make of new ideas and simple super content, to put very efficient. With an easy reading of the substances in well elaborated great letters and? I also want to leave the invitation to all the artists who are part of the scene to enter in contact through link of the vestibule and to make an analysis of the site and to prove its effectiveness and finally enters in contact with me pra postagem of the works in our site. Total guarantee of a good daily spreading so that our music and our culture gain each time more space and adepts and through this to improve the agenda of shows and the condition of work of our artists. I also come to thank all that already are part of this innovative and revolutionary project. you who say in it like invite rap you to know the work of our artists and to know a little more than our objectives and guarantee that its opinion anger to move with regard to this art that fights through musical manifestations of painting dances and you vary other activist activities in favor of those less disfavored ones. Victims of the social inaquality that devastates and oppresses the ones that had not had chance of acquired culture and knowledge. Yours truly creative M.A of the vestibule SONOROUS ARTILLERY. Aporvitando the oprotunidade I invite to all to know the vestibule:

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