Monitors Heart Rate

Have you ever been that sports change our bodies, not only outside but inside? As far as safely and correctly matched to your body exercise used in training? How can I make All our sport more effective and useful? I hope that thought. Then, let's talk about absolutely indispensable things in training – heart rate monitors (monitors heart rhythm). For a start try to understand what kind of heart rate and how it affects the body as a whole. Heart rate (pulse) – the most accessible indicator of cardio – vascular system of man. Frequency heart shows us – how many cuts should perform heart to supply the necessary amount of oxygen the body. The average heart rate adult at rest is about 80 beats per minute.

For comparison, in humans, leading a sedentary lifestyle (car – office – car – home), heart rate can not exceed 90-100 beats per minute! That is, the heart must contract more likely to a person could perform the most common household activities, not to mention the physical stress. To the heart was not so hard, you have to train. And it does not necessarily do it in the gym. For starters, you can simply do walking. The easiest route – home – work – home.

The main thing is to watch your health. For us, this is just to help monitor the heart rate. All monitors show the current heart rate heart rate, average and maximum heart rate during training. Depending on the model you can get data on the number of calories burned, the individual maximum, and so on. Monitors heart rate can help determine the optimal parameters of physical activity and make it more efficient. In addition, there is the possibility of information back and forth on training in computer and further analysis of the training process and its effectiveness. Some models may set distinctive mark, locating the transition to different parts of the workout and, consequently, change the load. A detailed analysis of the results makes it possible to adjust the exercise program and make it more suitable for you. If you use a heart rate monitor, analyze his testimony after a workout, remember: Your heart gets stronger! The number of coronary vessels that nourish it and provide oxygen! The number of blood vessels in other organs and muscles! Improves the condition of your blood vessels! You become more healthy! Practice! Analyze! Healthier! Stay in shape!

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