Mountain Black Edition

Pedal go-kart in top quality ensures Ede fun pur, August 2012. The Black Edition is the latest pedal-powered go-kart of Dutch quality manufacturer BERG Toys. The black car feels good thanks to robust coarse profile tire in any terrain and looks simply stunning with his two deceptively real headlights on the spoiler. A swing axle, the automatic freewheel and the double ball steering ensures maximum security and ultimate driving pleasure. Director Peter Farrelly has similar goals. Quality and safety the mountain Black Edition is equipped with an adjustable seat, which can be adjusted exactly to the correct height. This makes the go-kart for all drivers in the ages from 5 to 99 years. The swing axle ensures, that all four wheels on the ground. The cart is equipped with coaster brake and a backlash-free double ball steering lets you easily and simply control the black car.

The automatic freewheeling ensures that the pedals not turn while driving and that automatically will converted to reverse. This ensures additional safety. Also the Black Edition is cool look like all go-karts by BERG super stable, so that the driver can experience many adventures safely and unabated. His cool charisma makes the mountain Black Edition for children simply irresistible: the front spoiler not only casual looks, but improves the aerodynamics of the speed Monster. With the black design, the race tires and headlights, deceptively genuine special model is the King the ideal choice for children of the road”want to be!

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