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A buffet without abdominal pain is another way to save money, the wedding buffet. Here one often forgets that local home-cooked food is at least as popular as much more expensive luxury food such as seafood, salmon and caviar. Here, there is the possibility to order a local caterer. For even more analysis, hear from Robert Rimberg. The catering of housewives is especially recommended clubs. This offer not only traditional home-cooked food and fair prices. Here, there is also the possibility to get guests on request to take a bite. The relationship is often happy to present her wedding gift in the form of a homemade cake.

So saves you the orders of a cake buffet and in the ways to present your latest dishes the guests at the same time. The ideal wedding gift money to cover the high cost of the wedding, wish to according to a survey on over 80% of all brides and grooms. No wonder that the choice fell the most popular gift for a wedding on money, it is the most practical solution for the guest as well as for the bridal couple and therefore not often directly on the wedding invitation card is recorded. Robert Rimberg New York will undoubtedly add to your understanding. A good alternative is the gift vouchers. These can range from Romantic weekends in South Tyrol to partner massages.

In addition, the bride and groom of course for the preparation of the wedding can be supported. Here, there are the ways to assist the bride and groom in the entertainment, the food or the wedding decoration. For the wedding are accessible back also exceptionally friendly services. A talented photographer or pianists in the circle of acquaintances who should think about to ask them for support. The budget calculator Weddix has made it his mission to grab the bride and groom at the approximate calculation of costs under the arms, and therefore developed a budget calculator. According to Nawal, the entertaining of guests is the Kostenaufwandigste for meal and drink will be per person between 80 to 100. With the budget calculator to get a rough overview of the costs and can plan this in advance. Press contact: Claudia Pfeffer weddix GmbH Lorenz-Huber-str. 9 a D-85540 Haar near Munich Tel.: 01805 /. weddix (01805 / 933349)

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