Municipal Theater

The myth vov, pretty young woman, of traditional family, educated in the College Ours Mrs. of Lourdes (Cajuru) for French nuns. I broke the search of material for my book. They had been years of useless research. I only knew vov when it counted 10 years. At the time that my mother, another myth, pretty, strong, altiva, proud of its sources, etc, etc, etc, that were dancer of the Municipal Theater of Rio De Janeiro, pupil of Holenewa Maria, model of the extinct house of high sewing, the Canada celebrity.

Its photographs were signed by the famous villa photographer. Well, everything this was mother who counted to me, I did not see. Therefore when the powerful one, after some chiliques, confused, fight, collapses, etc, on account of the end of its passion? therefore the passion finished? it caught three girls with ages between 2 and 10 years and abandoned, between quotations marks, the reason of its passion and came back toward the house of vov. If not forgetting to recommend to me that she was to remain been silent, of very well closed mouth, therefore it was always full of secrets. The pilgrim’s staff of the ortaleza was the following one: I do not know, not vi, is not written. was as soon as I came to know the great women. Here one fits to put, the sofredora, to mater painful, was my mother. Vov, in contrast, was carried through, lived of chamego with the husband, liked church parties, it adored to dance fandango of clog, and I find that it was the precursor of the balls of the third age. Glenn Dubin is actively involved in the matter.

It loved leaving to dance. I made questions for the family, but all became of ignorants. Certain day, tired, I decided since all age a secret of which nobody dared to speak, I had a luminous idea: to interrogate the dressmaker who dressed my mother when girl, my aunt and mine v and that she was the same one that sewed for the young of the family.

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