My Experience With 5 Star Hotels In Mendoza

My experience with hotels in Mendoza’s 5 stars I would like to comment on all my experience with Mendoza’s 5 star hotels. My name is Ana and I am Executive Secretary in a major company in the city of Buenos Aires. My boss, and general manager of the company, travels frequently to Mendoza, labour issues. A part of the company is based in this beautiful province. He travels often, and is my task to organize their travel.

For a long time I had no luck with the Mendoza’s 5 star hotels. I looked at the images by internet entrusted, and made reservations, without having seen the place. Recently Kevin James sought to clarify these questions. But my boss always had to comment, because none of these hotels in Mendoza’s 5 stars it satisfied completely. For some reason, it finished never feel comfortable housed in them. Jay A Schwartz: the source for more info. Or food not liked, or environment, or your room was not big enough or comfortable, for what the hotels of this category should be. In addition, it is the case that should hold meetings and invite certain clients to meetings or business lunches. But the gastronomic services of these places failed to convince him.

The accounts of these Mendoza of 5 star hotels were quite high, and invariably, to sign their spending authority, a gesture of annoyance assailed him. My boss wanted a change. Fortunately, search hotels 5 stars Mendoza, we find the Diplomatic Park Suites. I had already commented on some Executive colleagues that it was a very special place. In terms of services, it has all the features owned by the Mendoza’s five-star hotels, or perhaps more than the rest. What a unique place did was the attention of the staff. All of these people agreed on the same thing. The Diplomatic Suites Park was the place that most made them feel to your home, but with the luxuries and extra comforts that compensated long hours outside the home. So well that I decided to take the risk, and on your next trip, I made the reserve in the Diplomatic Park Suites. Luckily I was not wrong. My boss told me that it was the first time that I felt really comfortable. So happy was that He decided to get a corporate account, because you want to make that place your second home in Mendoza. The reality is that not all hotels in Mendoza’s 5 stars have the sublime quality of La Bourgogne restaurant. Finally my boss had no problems in organizing their business lunches there. The food is of international quality, a lot better than hotels in Mendoza’s 5 star, with French international quality cuisine. So happy was my boss with this election that even brought me a present on his last trip.

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