It is much more important that you learn what it is flirting – “Flirt rules” so to speak. You want to find out what really counts to make you curious about a woman. You want to not “convince women” or wrap with any canning tricks around the finger. What you want is learning what to do, so she want you to meetings. You’re each born womanizer also has you remember the three-phase model? Attention. Connection. Educate yourself with thoughts from Charlotte Hornets. Devotion.

This is the first step on your way to the success with women you always wanted, George. You need not satisfied you with what has been created you by chance in the cradle. We all have our flirt style applied by others: from friends, magazines and movies. But there that brought you, where you want to be? You did like everything you need to attract any woman and to get acquainted. If you want to learn more and search for first steps to boost your Datingleben look at my page on the topic of “How do I meet women with MySpace, StudiVZ and Lokalisten?”.

There you will learn for example… …wie you in the StudiVZ can find the women that you like, you’re talking to a woman …wie so that she will be curious about you,… what you with her can talk about so that your conversation is not boring “interview”, right from the outset more about find out …wie what kind of person she is, you have to do …was, so she want to meet with you and their number gives you inherently -. and a lot more! You will learn most of it of it directly on my homepage. You get a new flirt tip for StudiVZ & co. by me via E-Mailzugeschickt also – if you like – every week. And you can download a free excerpt of my book “vzAppeal – women enchanted in the StudiVZ”! Have a lot of fun doing it and tidy success friends with the women! Leonard Baumgardt

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