National Curricular Referencial

Muitosconsideram the tricks something without value, therefore judge an opposing activity aotrabalho, then something that does not produce resulted positive. Maisatentas people will be capable to learn more on the infantile universe observandosuas tricks. Rizzi and Haydt (2002) affirm that in its ejogos tricks the envolvement of the child is so great that it is placed in action seussentimentos and emotions, being also a link integrator between the aspectosmotores, cognitivos, affective and social, it is playing and playing that it commands omundo its return, being capable to assimilate experiences, information, activities and values. Bringing oldico for the context of the classroom, it will be possible to elaborate inmeraspossibilidades of if working of significant form and contextualizada, enriching the learning and assisting in the formation of beings creative, capable to transform the way where they live. The educaoinfantil must provide to the child diverse growth possibilities, dese to make the first ones discovered, that if can develop and explore suacapacidade. The National Curricular Referencial for the Infantile Education (1998) emphasizes that: To educate means, therefore, propiciarsituaes of cares, tricks and learnings guided of formaintegrada and that they can contribute for the development of the capacidadesinfantis of interpersonal relation, of being and being with the others in atitudebsica of acceptance, respect and confidence, and the access, for the children, ampler aosconhecimentos of the social and cultural reality. (P.

23) Beyond umdireito being assured by law, the Brazilian Constitution in its article 227, relataos duties that the family, the state and the society must provide to the adolescent child eao, as right to the health, the education, the leisure among others. OEstatuto of the Child and the Adolescent, the ECA in its article 59 also cites to olazer as one of the basic and essential rights for the formation of healthful eadolescentes children. The act to debrincar supplies innumerable information on the child, information that can serum aid for the educator in the hour elaborate its activities.

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