New Style Portable Video

Car audio car audio electronics car alarm Movies – the greatest of the arts! On the validity of this statement can be judged not only on the highly developed industry of the cinema, but also Total selling tools to enjoy the art. In this case, we will focus on a new laptop with built-in monitor Prology DVD-player. If the slogan Prology says "mobile cinema", the model of AMD-90 is very its precise embodiment. Prology AMD-90 is an LCD high resolution monitor size 227 mm (9 ') with built-in DVD / CD player. This device gives the user complete freedom in the choice of formats, audio and video playback: DVD, CD, MP3, VCD, MPEG4, AVI, JPEG. In addition to all other things, AMD-90 is compatible with memory cards with USB and SD cards. Noteworthy is also very good built-in stereo system, which transmits the sound quality if you want to use the AMD-90 as portable audio system.

For fans of the MP3 format manufacturers have implemented the function of file system support Giga MP3, which allows to reproduce a large number of MP3-files recorded on DVD. With the included remote control Remote control and wired headphones, with which you can listen to the audio without disturbing others. Speaking of headphones, the AMD-90 built-in infrared transmitter that allows you to use wireless headphones Prology AMD-HF. Additional comfort models Prology AMD is that the whole range of entertainment available in the car (the power cord to connect to the cigarette lighter socket included) and at home, at the recreation center and in the country, thanks to bundled AC power supply, compact size and light weight. The arsenal of this model also has audio / video outputs to connect to the case of desire additional monitors and DVD-player series Prology AMD. About external performance Prology AMD-90 can say with full confidence, even without understanding the intricacies and design specs: AMD-90 looks very stylish. Thin glossy black casing, made from high quality plastic, makes the device very strict and solid appearance.

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