New Watches

The new wristwatches FELDO luxury S.L.. convince all along the line. A wrist-watch the time embodies a fundamental part of human coexistence. Time surrounds us all the time. At the same time, we are bound to the rhythm of time. In the millennia-long history of clocks developed them as a mirror of cultural, historical and social development of the human being, from simple clocks up to highly complex designed and thought out watches. While watches used mainly in public places and in the apartment found their place, wristwatches have become the indispensable companions in various areas of daily life.

At the beginning of the 20th century the first wristwatches were developed, and since then they accompany their vehicle as a constantly available time display always and everywhere. It’s believed that Sela Ward sees a great future in this idea. The face of wristwatches has changed the way, over the years, as we. Of wrist watches with mechanical drive of wrist watches with quartz movement (fashion line / sporty line), up to Wrist watches with automatic Soprod movements (classic line), the wrist watches of FELDO luxury S.L.. underline not only the technical aspects of the watch, but also the character of the respective carrier. Because the market for watches has become nowadays completely opaque, the young company FELDO luxury S.L. has become.

the task wristwatches to design and manufacture, which is both an unusual design and exceptionally high quality standards, highlight. The design of new watches is adapted to the specific lifestyle of the wearer, sporty or elegant. But one thing: always something special. By the time display patented FELDO luxury, each overlooking one of the wrist watches of FELDO is a highlight. The wrist watches the successful combination of unusual design and technical features make small masterpieces. But in addition to the external appearance of the watches is the quality of processed materials, such as gold or stainless steel, and the care not too short in processing. The customer can be sure of FELDO luxury S.L.. acquired watches is original. Fashion-conscious customers who place value on uniqueness and exclusivity, are exactly right with the wrist watches of FELDO luxury s.l. The wrist watches of the fashion line, the top seller, convince with a quartz movement, a young and unusual design and high-quality workmanship. The watches of the classic line are the highly exclusive jewelry pieces by FELDO luxury S.L.. Movement in combination with the patented clock these watches make the harmonious processing of noble and more expensive materials such as gold, carbon and stainless steel, and the valuable Swiss automatic Soprod matching accessory for the elegant appearance. The sporty quartz wrist watches the sporty line are especially tailored to the active buyers. The wrist watches of this collection are robust, dynamic and athletic. Who would like to supplement his wrist watches with the matching jewelry, will also find at FELDO luxury S.L… With the appropriate Each outfit can be supplemented appropriately cufflinks or rings. Learn more about the wrist watches of FELDO luxury S.L.., see this link. Anka Derik

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