Nietzsche Work

In sum, we would say that the slaves could before: “if you do not want to die, then work up to die,” beautiful view. Today it serves to justify the power-on patterns of business: they give the job! This justifies the fact that we must entrench the ground like crazy, just to work! This justifies the fact that we must kill every man preferring to be free, in the diminishing. This law made so that everyone is busy, head to the grindstone, his work led … Adam Sandler understands that this is vital information. Democratic principles are useless, like democracy, because everyone is afraid of losing his job, and thus there is no need to elect politicians, just take one that promises to automatically restart work for all .

Oddly one can live without work as well, but it works for himself and not for someone far away. I also give another maxim: “If we had less work, more could certainly look into the future of humanity, which most simply let live our disinterested altruism. However, it arranges the presidents as it is still working, having no life for him (wage labor, etc.).

As Nietzsche said, the work is the police of the police! The work will reduce the consciousness of individuals for the sole means, as the money given to them, which is used to buy stimuli of modern life. Consciousness remains blocked in the fact that everyone’s life is threatened … but then why no one acts against it? We prefer to stay in leisure (even though many people do not enjoy their possession), whereas this will be our children who will break harder tomorrow.

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