Nintendo Entertainment System

On 13 September met 25 years of the release of this game, one of the best-selling history. Nearly twenty-five years ago, Shigeru Miyamoto designed, in company with Nintendo, a game that went down in history and even today stands as one of the favorite by fans of the virtual world. Such were the acceptance and the success of the Mario Bros games among the public which, since its creation, Mario became the undisputed icon of Nintendo, one of the most popular games on the planet consoles. Precisely on September 13, 1985 which in reality is not the date of birth of Mario, since he had appeared in previous games the first adventures of lateral displacement of Nintendo game was released. In other words, the progression of the character is produced from a horizontal movement from left to right or vice versa. While Mario or Luigi can be moved upwards or downwards by jumping on various elements and enemies, or introducing in pipes beneath the Earth, the game progresses with the shift in direction left right. In those days, videogames are threw in cartridge format, away from the powerful s or DVD Blu Ray today. However, Mario was the novelty of the era, to such an extent that it sold cartridges for over ten million units.

At the same time, it allowed the definitive consolidation of Nintendo as one of the most successful video game consoles marks, whose growth, thereafter, would have no ceiling. And, of course, he clinched the NES which means Nintendo Entertainment System, which marked the infancy of virtually all those who are today between 20 and 35 years. If this outside little, Mario Bros games have been the cradle in which not only many were born other characters (Luigi available only to participate in the game a second player with 2 control and Princess Peach, among others), but also numerous products that exceeded the scope of the videogames: there were movies and series whose plot revolved around the adventures of this likeable character. From the date of its release, the adventures of Mario have not stopped impress in his successive deliveries to all fans who found in them a guaranteed entertainment. Since the old NES, this character has not stopped evolving hand in hand with technological advances that both ECHO will make video game consoles; until today, in the Wii, version more advanced and sophisticated company, Mario still has a very high prominence. And surely will continue it for a long time more.

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