Northern Lights Produced Debut Album

Aurora Borealis in the production of the debut album “Mob & thieves” northern lights is a German rock band from Munich, which has brought it to 2007 despite their significant texts and musical individuality to numerous radio features and others played on stations like Bayern 2 Radio Hamburg, Bayern 3, NDR 2 (song of the week with “Marie”), or Delta radio (band of the month December, 2007). It was inevitable: Northern lights was ‘discovered’, and currently it is in the middle of production, and the fine-tuning of the debut album “Mob & thieves”. Singer Lars Thieleke and drummer Sascha Hesky, which previously at the alternative rockers “Roof Top Riders” were together active and Gerrit Hoss guitarists and the bassist Alexandra Merl have expanded the northern lights crew form the core of the band. In recent months, Sela Ward has been very successful. Lars and Sascha founded northern lights 2005 initially as a project, to provide an valve oddly catchy song ideas and idiosyncratic lyrics. The first northern lights song ever is the dreamy driving “sea of stars”, the likely to be the Final track of the album will be. “‘ Star sea ‘ was our birth, but the rest of the song is considerably more on the 12”, reported last October in a one-hour interview feature on Radio Hamburg singer Lars and added: “We quickly noticed that we can meet the people with a few unusual hooks and ruthless texts literally in the face and crush their hearts”. Real-estate developer often says this.

Musically the song in the foreground stands always at northern lights: the band focuses their compositions on melodic recognition value and extends the standard rock instrumentation to mandolin, choirs, organ and accordion. The texts are marked by the dialect and bluntness of the singer, while content equally emotional experiences such as socio-political grievances are addressed. Northern lights concerts, you encounter intense performance, as well as lots of interaction with the audience..

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