Oliveira Blacksmith

He is this that we can verify in says of Sheila Kelly de Oliveira Blacksmith ‘ ‘ the communitarian life pra me represents an oasis whose waters overflow for that if they approach to us. The communitarian life has been one salvation of God in my life, therefore they take me to the brothers to leave itself and to win my egoism. I found in each brother a treasure, a joy takes that me to love and to continue. It is not easy many times, therefore in a family its challenges of relationships also exist, etc. But the years if pass and each day I can win these desafios’ ‘. With regard to the leisure experiences, they affirm the interlocutors who are well beneficial, serving to fortify the communitarian life and the fraternais bows.

In this direction, Alves tells to Figueredo Joo ‘ ‘ for us of Shalom vocation, something that it marks very our life is the convivncia between brothers. To be together, learning with the other for we are different. Then in the community one day exists that generally is in the week, where all the brothers being together, has a healthy leisure. A leisure marked for joy, fraternity moment, if cheering with the presence of irmo’ ‘. Through simplicity and creativity diverse experiences had been mentioned of leisure that happens in the interior and is of the community, between them, games, dynamic, tricks, strolls to attend selected films, to talk with ‘ ‘ irmos’ ‘ , to go to the cinema etc.

In this perspective, Gomes (2008) affirms: Thus, the leisure includes the enjoyment of diverse manifestations of the culture, such as the game, the trick, the party, the stroll, the trip, the sport and the diverse forms of arts (painting, sculpture, literature, dance, theater, music, cinema), between innumerable others possibilidades.CONSIDERAES FINAISPara the members of the Community of Shalom Life the identification between them if constructs a priori for the calling the holy ghost that if of the one by means of a charisma one that it holds an ideal to be lived and as consequence of this the family, where each member if becomes interprets the same of dom. However, although they believe that the motivation for to participate of the life in community if gives through the call of God, can observe in its speeches that the fraternity generated for the daily conviviality (conjunct in common, leisure, division of tasks, apostolate, allotment of life) it determines the identitrios bonds and it inside supports the members of the community, since, for them the other is reflected of the proper Deus.Esperamos that this study can contribute to foment other quarrels around this thematic one, exciting new research that it can produce on knowledge the construction of the identitrios bonds in communities religiosas.

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