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It has many searching years as Jurgen Habermas, Anthony Gidens the Hannah Arendt tried to understand the functions of the public sphere. The public space as a space of interaction and relationship. A transcription of old Now where the voice of some became to be heard by many. Nowadays some ideas of the recent past had been proven and other hypotheses had been knocked down. Habermas nailed the domain of the private sphere for the public sphere. The public sphere was described for it as a space of representation between the state and the society. this sphere, according to it, would have a great trend to dominate the private one. That is, what he is other people’s to the public. Official site: Vanessa Marcil.

in fact, this everything has some direction. The advent of the movements pro participativa democracy is examples of this. A sphere where the society has voice. has time. However in a world where ' until China it drinks cocaine-cola' , of the exculpatory, competitive and dominador capitalism wild, the public comes being invaded for the private one. this if does not restrict to the privatizations of state that they pass of the public domain for the private one. But it goes beyond ' control of the freedom of expresso' notable in China, the Middle East and even though in Venezuela.

Of same side of Habermas, Anthony Gidens already in them introduced an idea of half-direct Democracy. Today it has many researchers that deepen this subject. That they go beyond the direct participation of the people in the choices. As the Brazilian example of the Participativo Budget, that was forgotten and left side. But yes, that politics also speaks of the trasnparncia, the miditica visibility and accountability, that is a species of public rendering of accounts to the citizens. Hannah Arendt equally recognized the necessity of freedom, equality and pluralism politician. The diversity of opinions. of ideological positions is beneficial and necessary. This everything is notable nowadays. In a world where we must continue fighting to eliminate differences. Habermas, Gidens and Arendt had something in common. Both dreamed of a better world. A truth democracy, with rights, duties and freedom of choice. In this direction we must follow fighting to make solid the conquest of Now. Making of the Ciberespao a space of access to all. Where the cibercultura of Pierre Lvy circulates freely for the described virtual communities for Howard Rheingold. A world without totalitarian borders and regimes. Mundializado. Globalizado and Universalizado. We are walking in this direction. Each time that an article is published in the wikipedia. Each time that a video is postado in the YouTube. Each time that we denounce or we testify qualities and problems of products and services in alternative sites and blogs. We are participating in the construction of the New World-wide Order. John Lenon already said: ' Imagine'. Me atrevo to say: ' Realize'.

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