Beatles Paul McCartney

do not want to have the bodies, dressed with chemicals." Sir James Paul McCartney – britanskiyrok musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, one of the founders of the group The Beatles, a multiple Grammy Award-winning member of the Order of the British Empire. Paul and Linda McCartney became widely known as animal rights activists and supporters of vegetarianism. In 1980 McCartney stalchlenom peta. Stella McCartney – English fashion designer, daughter of former members of The Beatles Paul McCartney and a photographer, animal rights activist Linda McCartney. In their collections, it does not use fur and skin, maintains organization peta. Sir Ian Murray McKellen – British actor, widely regarded as a master of Shakespearean repertoire. Now regularly acts in big-budget international film productions (Magneto in the movie trilogy X-Men, Gandalf in the trilogy "Lord of the Rings"). Wrote an article entitled "Why I am a vegetarian." Stanislav Markelov – Russian lawyer, president of the Institute for the rule of law, the Institute of Collective Action ". Was the victim of notorious murders in the center of Moscow with Baburova. Vegetarian Stanislav has worked with the center of animal rights Vita. Bob Marley – Jamaican musician, guitarist, vocalist and composer. Despite the fact that from the time of his death passed almost 30 years, Bob Marley is still the most famous singers in reggae style. Thanks to his international success of reggae has gained wide popularity outside Jamaica. Moby – outstanding American dj, singer, composer and performer. Moby's vegan, on his official website has a small mall, even share ssylochku (), where Moby condemns the religious justification for killing Animals seem to write this passage he was forced to constant attacks from the opponents of vegetarianism, ever poked religious tracts, where the god "allowed to kill." Alanis Morissette – Canadian singer, composer, actress and producer, which has become popular worldwide in 1995, recording one of the best-selling albums of all time Jagged Little Pill.