New Style Portable Video

Car audio car audio electronics car alarm Movies – the greatest of the arts! On the validity of this statement can be judged not only on the highly developed industry of the cinema, but also Total selling tools to enjoy the art. In this case, we will focus on a new laptop with built-in monitor Prology DVD-player. If the slogan Prology says "mobile cinema", the model of AMD-90 is very its precise embodiment. Prology AMD-90 is an LCD high resolution monitor size 227 mm (9 ') with built-in DVD / CD player. This device gives the user complete freedom in the choice of formats, audio and video playback: DVD, CD, MP3, VCD, MPEG4, AVI, JPEG. In addition to all other things, AMD-90 is compatible with memory cards with USB and SD cards. Noteworthy is also very good built-in stereo system, which transmits the sound quality if you want to use the AMD-90 as portable audio system.

For fans of the MP3 format manufacturers have implemented the function of file system support Giga MP3, which allows to reproduce a large number of MP3-files recorded on DVD. With the included remote control Remote control and wired headphones, with which you can listen to the audio without disturbing others. Speaking of headphones, the AMD-90 built-in infrared transmitter that allows you to use wireless headphones Prology AMD-HF. Additional comfort models Prology AMD is that the whole range of entertainment available in the car (the power cord to connect to the cigarette lighter socket included) and at home, at the recreation center and in the country, thanks to bundled AC power supply, compact size and light weight. The arsenal of this model also has audio / video outputs to connect to the case of desire additional monitors and DVD-player series Prology AMD. About external performance Prology AMD-90 can say with full confidence, even without understanding the intricacies and design specs: AMD-90 looks very stylish. Thin glossy black casing, made from high quality plastic, makes the device very strict and solid appearance.

Recommendations For Choosing A Home Theater

Many believe that the home theater – it's a big TV, projector, plasma or LCD panel, which is connected to the DVD-player. But it is not so … Home theater – especially multi-channel audio system that can play a DVD with recorded music Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic. How to connect a display device, each decides for himself. Choosing a home theater system – not easy, but fun. The main thing is not to succumb to the tricks unscrupulous sellers and independently explore all possibilities of the proposed technique. There is a rule: "What today is worth a hundred rubles – for the coin you buy tomorrow." So why pay more for the function, which in the near future while you still can not use because of its low prevalence.

For example, whether to buy an expensive player now Blu-Ray, if you drive with movies to it's not that much? But the cheapness does not have to chase. Not better mine whether the money for a more solid unit than to buy at bargain prices is something little known? Remember the English saying: "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things", but do not forget the other: "Why should I aircraft to go into the garden? ". Creating a home theater system – some fun, but certainly not easy. Pursuing a selection of ingredients for the perfect home cinema, it is important to take into account the nuances. For example, each brand audio playing his character, at times suitable to play only a strictly defined musical styles. Moreover, not all speakers are compatible with the specific electronic components, and guess what the source of power or "sounds" with your column is almost impossible. Therefore, the main criterion here will serve as your eyes and ears. Be sure to listen to the components and acoustics that are going to Buy! By what criteria to choose? Price So, buying a home theater system should begin with a definition of the amount you are willing to spend.

The functionality of the second, equally important point – define the objectives for your system. There should be guided by common sense. But what if you never come in handy ability to read SACD? Is not it better to buy a DVD-player not reading this format, but having the best characteristics of sound and picture? Please note What formats are most in demand in your system. The same with the receiver – the five channels of high quality are often favorable compromise the seven seats that are under your room may not be. Think also about the sound sound power. It is hardly necessary to take power on 150 or more watts per channel, if you live in a normal city apartment, where little space. Any pleasure you get, and sours relations with its neighbors. Features built-in AV-receiver effects processor is also necessary to consider – most of them are unlikely to be involved, but money for the cool equipment still have to shell out. Interface With the increased attention should approach the selection of interfaces. It is tempting to take the DVD-player equipped with HDMI-output, but you have to understand for yourself whether it is needed in the near future. It may happen that the TV with this interface, you can buy only a few years, and all the while HDMI will only remind the apparatus belonging to the HD-Video and more. Here, perhaps, that's all. Successful choice!

TASSO Series

KF-860 module is used with a bass module KF-860V, in which two fifteen inch speaker. When small amounts KF-860V has a capacity of up to 3.5 kW and sound pressure 132dB. Acoustic set of T-3 Package consists of six passive speaker systems, two high-frequency component of the H2, four low-frequency component of the L4 and a six-channel amplifier (in case) with built-in DSP sound processor, developed by TASSO company specifically for this kit. In the H2 uses a 12 inch driver with three-inch horn driver. The subwoofer is used L4 18 inch speaker. The components of the T-3 provide great sound and good sound pressure. Easy to use, unique design, quality components and attractive price provided the T-3 line in the popularity of mobile loudspeakers. Speakers TASSO.3 ))))))))) BG series.

Series BG – high-performance loudspeaker systems of the latest developments and designs in the line of acoustics TASSO. This series is made with rounded sides, forward of the acoustic grating and with a large efficient sound reproduction. The company engineers optimized the acoustic TASSO series of BG in terms of increasing the output sound pressure. They are used as the front line of monitors, discos, clubs, bars and restaurants, conference. buildings, churches and small live presentations. Characteristic features of the series BG: 1. The introduction of a metal cup for easy hanging and mounting. 2.

Use a very stable paint materials. 3. High-quality professional connections to ensure a stable signal transmission. 4. Horn radiation at 90 degrees can be used in supine (a monitor) position.

Beginning Synthesizer

Thus, we obtain the second conclusion: expensive acoustic piano, which usually buy the home, gives way to a synthesizer of the same value on sound quality. As for the "charm of the past", it is important for middle-aged and elderly, and children and young people often prefer the modern design and new technologies. Here, the absolute primacy of the electronic instruments. When I graduated from music school, piano has been neglected for a long time – too much I'm tired of him for years of schooling. So when we came to live cousin, the piano, it was decided to sell because room for two in my room was missing.

I still remember the feeling of space after the piano endured. But after a couple of years I felt sorry for his skills. Connect with bulky tool I did not want, but at this point I was trying to play the keyboard, and it was not boring, and entertainment: the ability to play classical pieces in different timbres, to accompany favorite songs with high quality beats. As a result, I bought a synthesizer. And when it's time to move from their parents, took it with him – just put in the trunk of the car. It would seem that the synthesizer – the best tool for the home. And I agree – with one caveat.

Unless it's for a child entering the music school. Teachers strongly encourage parents not to buy for their children's keyboards. Why? It's very simple. School of Music – this is the beginning of training professional musicians.

Solitude Aeturnus

There are various new tendencies of the genre, this is usually manifested in the cross doom metal as such with other stylistic directions, thereby to form original sound that leads the listener far beyond the usual boundaries of the genre. Thanks to a young team, were formed at the difficult time for the doom metal time, there are currents, like: doom-death metal, funeral doom metal, drone-doom metal. This was the era of great change and great musical discoveries, bordering on the level of daring experiments. Thus, doom metal can be sorted by following offshoots: traditional doom, epic doom, doom-death, funeral doom, drone-doom, stoner-doom, sludge-doom, black-doom metal, avantgarde-doom, which we shall consider in turn. The traditional doom metal (traditional): a very slow, atmospheric, stringy and tough metal, mixed with musical heritage, left by Black Sabbath. But this music was already focused on loading and stiffness of the musical material.

In the classical understanding of different sounds and a special technique, borrowed from vyazkopodobnogo, monotone hard rock of the 1970s, which can outline the term groove. The atmosphere tends to be different: from the taste of rage, desperation and short of emptiness, the dark cold. Group, performing his music in this stylistic direction, usually uses the party clean vocals, but keep in mind the fact that among the classics of common and rough vocals. The brightest representatives of this branch are above Candlemass, Pentagram, Saint Vitus, as well as Reverend Bizarre and Solitude Aeturnus. Epic doom metal (epic): in terms of the content of texts to compositions different from the traditional noticeable bias in the Middle Ages and fantasy.

Vladimir Mayakovsky

K. Shulzhenko "for his contribution to the national song" and in 2004 – the title of "Honored Artist of Russia." At the same time, unfortunately, some people associated with variety art circles, according to Tatiana Bulanova creativity, something that is not interesting, roughly speaking, the "pop golimoy." However, it is unlikely to score a true original, serious and creative expressive performer. As written in an advertisement of one of the singer's early albums: "Those who have once heard the voice, do not forget it and do not confuse with the other never. Child-touching, like a woman attractive, gentle and powerful at the same time, mysterious as the city itself, with whom he is inseparable. The voice of the soloist, "Summer Garden" Tanya Bulanova from St.

Petersburg. " Of course, the work of any writer, painter, singer, is ambiguous. At the same creative person has a strong product, strong, brilliant, and there is weak, frankly weak, or even mediocre. Lev Nikulin remember a curious proposition of Vladimir Mayakovsky's block (which is very high Mayakovsky appreciated). After a public reading of poems by Blok, "Nemesis", Nikulin, and Mayakovsky met the next day for lunch in the dining room at Big Dmitrovka. After the first few sentences about the poem, as noted by Nikulin, Mayakovsky took pencil and drew on a paper napkin two columns of numbers, and then he shared them with a vertical bar. Pointing to the figures, he said: "I have ten poems – five good, three medium and two bad.

Laser Harp (Laser Harp )

Laser Harp – perhaps one of the most unusual musical instruments. Unusual it is, because to extract the sound should not touch the instrument with his hands, but only overlap the laser beams coming out of it. Specialists workshop Deftaudio laser harp was developed for many months. As a basis, no doubt, were taken ideas of Jean Michel Jarre – the genius composer, who stood at the origins of electronic music, producer incredible light and laser shows. Initially there were a few samples of harp, various structurally and functionally. Andrey Kudryavtsev and Sergei Pavlov – engineers, designers of the studio – experienced in the making your ideal tool with many difficulties, largely the same – lack of spare parts.

As a result, search, test, test performances appeared that same laser harp, which is fully justified the effort of its creators. Thus, the laser harp from Deftaudio. This is a unique and a real tool for 8-rays. It uses an industrial laser to the true power of 300mW, the scanner scan performed on the basis of specialized stepper motor. Fully programmable and configurable. Informative display on the front panel lets you set individual notes of each beam and manage the operation of suppression algorithm pulsation.

I must say that the finished drawings and schemes of the tool does not exist. Around the world with enviable regularity enthusiasts are trying to repeat and repeat laser harp, but each has its own, it is not like the others. Laser Harp by Deftaudio one of its kind because it creates not just enthusiastic, and truly professional people with prmeneniem quality components and latest technology. About Deftaudio. Deftaudio – workshop on the development and production of unusual percussion and electronic musical instruments. These include models made with the use of sensory and contactless technology, as well as multi-touch surfaces.

Banana Island

Heard the song 'Banana Island' and 'Boy Bananan'. No comments. Who remembers, he will understand, and who can not remember – to explain is futile:) 'computer', the 86th year. In the 85-year tape released an album of this group. The album, in my opinion, was so-so, too pop, with connected on the forefront of non-living drummer (then in vogue have been actively include 'Japanese drummers' are not always sounded lively and convincing).

But in this group were two interesting people – ex-vocalist and ex-guitarist 'Cruise', and Gregory Alexander Monin Bezugly. I really wanted to see them still in their 'kruizovskuyu' time. And Gaina, and Sarychev … In Concert 'Cruise', which was in Tula two years earlier, I did not hit. Advertising absent, and in Schekino where I lived then, the news of 'Cruise' is not reached. Later I found out that near Philharmonic had gathered a huge crowd of fans suffering, it ended with the smashing of windows riot, and the concert was canceled. Heavy metal was then in vogue, and 'computer' quick forge their kitsch-melodic screamed at fumes, heavy metal swords, leaving the old song repertoire. Prevailed at the concert concrete waste, hairy riveted the audience came with delight.

As the opening act played an unknown to this day jazz-rock group 'paraphrase', severely booed by the audience for metals. Monin was, as always, on top. A Bezugly sang wonderfully bright, beautiful ballad: Somewhere in the sea the island is, there your treasure stores destiny … The photo was taken on the same concert my friend.

Getting Close Now

1. Do it quietly! DJs fade away – this is a well-known fact. Controls the overall volume of the music you are listening to. 2. Develop a taste in music Listen to music a lot and different. 3. 'You open frequency on the new, cutting at ending on the squares' Meet with the professional jargon.

4. Performance When you visit a club or other places where the DJ plays, pay attention to his work. Notice the perebitovku, the way the information to work with the equalizer. 5. Club vs.

friend's house Decide for yourself what, where and for whom are you going to play. 6. Foundation briefly acquainted with the fact that such a sound, where does it come as a spread. It bears a musical education, work experience with musical equipment, knowledge of acoustics and sound engineering experience. 7. To expand the horizon of education find literature about the origin of the profession and the history of its development. Listen sets, see the video from the events, keep an eye on innovations in technology. 8. Key people Find among your friends and DJs, sound engineers, radio, sales at stores music, musicians, workers' clubs. They can give you a lot of interesting and useful information. 9. Show yourself very often Radio DJs organize schools. Take part in these events. Often there is no need for special skills and knowledge. Need only a strong desire and adequacy. 10. Hardware Ugly theory is not enough. Buy or rent equipment and start practicing. 11. Act! Please be brave and go up to the DJ, whose work you like. Asked to teach the basics. The chances increase if you're a girl. For more information on this topic, as well as FREE audio seminar, visit our website. Yaykarov Salavat Partial or full use of the material articles is only possible with an indication of the author and the website address Any other commercial use is allowed only with the prior written permission.

Setting Up Blogger. Part 2

We continue to set up Blogger. All the glory of opening have been told in the first part, so I go to work. Previously been considered only one bookmark – "Basics" is now all the rest in order: 1) tab "Publications" Allows you to publish your blog on an external hosting, do not see much sense, but admit some of the options under which it may be necessary, but a beginner does not need it for sure. 2) tab "Format" The most important thing in this menu tab, "Show". It is possible to specify the number of posts, which will be located on the main page.

From the standpoint of ergonomics, it is believed that the optimum number is between 3 to 5. If they are smaller – it is bad because the page displays very little information that makes the visitor to make unnecessary movements while navigating, and the people it does not like. If a lot of them, the page is too crowded. I recommend to keep recommendation 5.3 posts per page. The second major adjustment "message template" while there's nothing there, but we definitely come in handy later. At rest, again, until we draw attention, especially since there are clear the only – place to pile the Russian language. 3) tab "Comments" Comments over important thing for any blog, so bookmark is very important. Then we upgraded the comments in your blog using a third-party service but we did not, work with those that are.

Our task as easy as possible to the reader the process of commenting, so do 'friendly' to the visitor the setting, then still change horses in midstream. Set the first box "Show, In the next paragraph, add comments to any user. Enable Control comment?" – Say "no", we have not to censor. Displaying the backlinks Turning off the graphics test (spam protection) people do not like to enter Tsiferki and many simply lazy and ultimately did not leave a comment. In the latter field, enter the e-mail, which will be sent notification of new comments on your blog. In general, this principle – to create a comfortable environment, and the reader interested in commenting. What we need to unwind! 4) The tab "Archiving" We put the "Yes" in the "Turn the page messages "to each message is then stored as separate pages, each of which subsequently will be indexed search engines. 5) tab "Site Feed" Later we will use the service FeedBurner, while the same will be enough just to put "full mode" under "Allow Blog Feeds", then everything else will do. 6) Bookmark "Email" Looking at the case if you have a blog and forged email, this feature I do not use, and generally not much point in it can not see. 7) Tab OpenID While we do not touch anything that is not necessary. 8) tab "Permissions" If your blog is a corporate or co-authors, in this tab to add the authors and establish roles. In the "Readers blog "put" Anyone. " Well, now we've skimmed briefly on the main settings of Blogger. Now you can safely get to work, until all that escaped our attention or were left for later – will definitely consider. If you have experience of setting up service Blogger – will be happy to discuss in the comments!