Causes Of Climate Change On Earth …

Awareness of signs of movement on the Earth's orbit closer to the sun leads to an understanding of climate change on the planet and causes changes in the geomagnetic field. It seems that the speed of rotation of the Earth around its orbit until changed. And here is binding to the diameter of Earth's orbit to the sun of humanity has not, therefore, can not miss. After all, scientific studies are based on indirect arguments. As an example we can take the unit of 'one meter' adopted as a standard by which created and measurement instruments. Meter does not exist, he invented for measuring the ratio of proportsianalnogo. And get a reference meter can only be subject to physical quantities such as temperature and humidity.

The temperature is the same as an indirect value that can be obtained for example Celsius. Zero is the freezing point of water, but that would get the freezing point should be to get started water chemistry and atmospheric pressure. And the pressure built on the basis of the scale units or in other words, 'a reference meter. " And now after this measure the Earth's orbit? Length range measured 3.14 multiplied by dimaetr orbit. Relative to what measure? But we are used to measure the number of days and we believe that the Earth's orbit probably 365 days or more? And where is the risk or resection of the Sun from this point at least the beginning of the year? You can think chtohochu confuse you, not at all. You know that everything is measured from the stars and constellations.

So there is also nothing is permanent, everything is mixed, not relative to what is fixed and relatively adopted the standard, the North Star. And that the Polaris nail that is nailed to the universe? And who of you knows how the constellations appear? The answer here. Take the Bible, ponder and find that everything written in it is not in Russian is not on the old Russian is not in Greek, and Hebrew. Hebrew is 22 letters, just numbers. 22 letters are symbols, signs indicating the lot but are single. 3 letters is 3 in the world. Earthly world, a world of Gd and the Third World joining their soothing. 7 letters is 7 planets that are visible are not the naked eye at night in the sky. 12 letters are 12 constellations in which they moved seven planets that are visible in the sky. And because of the summer solstice winter get a strip along which they move. This band is divided in 12 sectors of the flat and got 12 constellations. Knowing it starts to get interesting. It turns out that five thousand years ago, guessed that the earth is round. It turns out that both Muslim and Jewish religion are united. Take the kabbalistic tree of life, the letter is replaced by the astrological signs in accordance with the Hebrew and substituting the digital equivalent of Arabic numerals find that the Arabic numerals is the essence of the simplified astrological signs. What gets up today with the astrological signs even higher mathematics? She puts them multiply and even divide by a fraction, the planets and constellations are crushed. In the dust is crushed! And who among us on this calculator did not do? Let us ask ourselves the question: Who is to blame for climate change on Earth? This note to consider philosophical speculation rather than scientific fact. But without the philosophy of science ceases to exist.


In recent years, dramatically increased the volume of car sales in Russia. This applies to both new and used cars. The main supplier of used cars is undoubtedly – Japan. Annually through the customs of the Far East passes thousands of cars were in use. The inevitable question that arises from the owner of used Japanese cars – Search for spare parts. Currently, a huge number of containers of spare parts are lucky to regions Russia from Vladivostok. But, however, as very often happens that a required part is simply impossible to find in which either the city. For example, if you need the rear fender, or a roof or a rack, then such a difficult piece to find in any city.

It would seem that there is no option for addressing this issue. However, the question exists. All Japanese cars and parts pass through Vladivostok. If someone visited Vladivostok, probably saw that Vladivostok turned into one continuous dismantling of Japanese cars. Therefore, it is the only place where you can find everything in a literal sense. Thanks to the huge demand for spare parts, as well as lack of time and desire Transport owners find they need the details, there was a service search for parts. In Vladivostok there are dozens of companies and individuals who are engaged in search and delivery of spare parts.

Search spare parts is carried out on shopping and avtorazborkam, various databases, as well as everything that can help in finding spare parts (internet, press, etc etc). Many firms provide a complete view of services, from search and ending with delivery to the westernmost point of Russia. Thanks to the many search engines, some customers want and not spend the time and detail to find the cheap. Make an order in several companies. As a result, the whole town looking for one item, sellers stores with a certain irritation respond that this spare part you have already been asked. If the item is found, not the fact that her client will buy. As a result, the client chooses the lowest price you will offer one of the search engines.

Chords – All About The Chords For Guitar

In our time, is very popular musical instrument such as guitar. And every beginner guitar, there is a relevant question: 'How to play guitar? " Playing the guitar is as follows: 1. Sound extracted by striking the strings with his fingers. 2. To vary the sound in the right direction using clamping the strings on some frets. 3. A gripping several strings on the frets is gripping chords.

Here we come to the most important part of the article. Chord – a combination of several dissimilar musical sounds played simultaneously. For example, holding – 2u string on first fret – the third string on the second fret – 4yu string on the second fret: and banging on the strings, we we sound the chord Am. Why is there all right? Frets as time and create a clear line of musical sounds. Here's another good example, which must come an understanding of: the first string in the open position provides a sound 'Mi' first string, sandwiched on the first fret, the sound gives music 'Fa' first string, sandwiched on the second fret gives the sound of music 'F sharp' first string, sandwiched on the third fret, the sound gives music 'Salt'. Ie pressing the string to the fret, we reduce its length, ie, improves its tone. To sum up a little: To play a chord, you need to tighten certain strings at certain frets. View the full list of chords and graphically see how they can be clamped using table of chords.

Tattoo Of Stars

Traditionally, tattoos cause much controversy in society. Someone thinks their beautiful, but someone they seem vulgar. Someone boldly decorates his body symbols and designs, while others are afraid to do irreparable harm to the beauty and health. Meanwhile, showbiz stars and renowned athletes, do not hesitate to cover his body with tattoos and easily give it up for the show. Perhaps the most conversations in the gossip is about tattoos Angelina Jolie. Many attribute their magical significance and curiously looking at new characters and patterns. And look there for that. Angelina's body is decorated with quotes thinkers, humanists, texts of prayers and Asian designs, symbolizing freedom and equality. Last tattoo actress devoted her foster children. And no one doubts that after the birth of his real daughter, Angelina finds room for a new tattoo. By the way, tattoos after their own children – feature celebrities. Among them, football star David . Being married to Victoria Spice, footballer immediately tattooed on their body of the victorious name. And when the star couple had children, the happy father of three successive tattooed pattern of impressive size with the names of their sons: Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz. On his son thought and Johnny Depp, when he made his last tattoo with Jack Sparrow. Before participation in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' fans counted on the body Depp more than a dozen pictures and patterns. All they had to cover up because they did not fit the role of a pirate, but to create a more complete image of the wrist printed cloth was painted with the symbol of Jack Sparrow. Depp is so got used to the role and image so fell in love, after filming the actor made a real tattoo and dedicated it to his son, Jack. But even if the patterns on the the bodies of celebrities are not deep sacramental meaning, but simply adorn their arms, legs, bellies, backs and necks of celebrities, long gone are the days when tattoos were a sign of musicians who play hard and anti-social music. Just remember that a dark blue body covered with pictures of pop singer Robbie Williams, pop singer Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Beatles Paul McCartney

do not want to have the bodies, dressed with chemicals." Sir James Paul McCartney – britanskiyrok musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, one of the founders of the group The Beatles, a multiple Grammy Award-winning member of the Order of the British Empire. Paul and Linda McCartney became widely known as animal rights activists and supporters of vegetarianism. In 1980 McCartney stalchlenom peta. Stella McCartney – English fashion designer, daughter of former members of The Beatles Paul McCartney and a photographer, animal rights activist Linda McCartney. In their collections, it does not use fur and skin, maintains organization peta. Sir Ian Murray McKellen – British actor, widely regarded as a master of Shakespearean repertoire. Now regularly acts in big-budget international film productions (Magneto in the movie trilogy X-Men, Gandalf in the trilogy "Lord of the Rings"). Wrote an article entitled "Why I am a vegetarian." Stanislav Markelov – Russian lawyer, president of the Institute for the rule of law, the Institute of Collective Action ". Was the victim of notorious murders in the center of Moscow with Baburova. Vegetarian Stanislav has worked with the center of animal rights Vita. Bob Marley – Jamaican musician, guitarist, vocalist and composer. Despite the fact that from the time of his death passed almost 30 years, Bob Marley is still the most famous singers in reggae style. Thanks to his international success of reggae has gained wide popularity outside Jamaica. Moby – outstanding American dj, singer, composer and performer. Moby's vegan, on his official website has a small mall, even share ssylochku (), where Moby condemns the religious justification for killing Animals seem to write this passage he was forced to constant attacks from the opponents of vegetarianism, ever poked religious tracts, where the god "allowed to kill." Alanis Morissette – Canadian singer, composer, actress and producer, which has become popular worldwide in 1995, recording one of the best-selling albums of all time Jagged Little Pill.

Ben Affleck, An Example

According to the information portal Antwerp Facet, golferu Tiger Woods has much to learn from actor Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck). After four years of his life he gave to his wife, actress Jennifer Garner (Jennifer Garner) a magnificent diamond ring at least seven carats. Do not make amends, but simply to say "thanks"! The actor bought his wife a large diamond as a token of gratitude for what she cared for their two children, until he disappeared on the set of his latest film "The City (The Town). Some media quoted anonymous sources as saying that "Jennifer was stunned when he handed it to her. He said he was lucky with her and that she was a wonderful mom. " Dazzling diamond is inserted into the platinum ring. It looks like Affleck particular fondness for diamonds, as it is not the first time to buy a big diamond ring. However, for a different Jennifer: in 2002, when Ben was still engaged to Jennifer Lopez, he bought her 6-carat pink diamond worth 1.2 million dollars.

Spanish Teacher

We are not actors. We are not looking spectators. Because it is not education “theatrical” (ie, a teaching professional theater theater) but of “Theatre in Education”, ie imagine a professional, a teacher (not in theater: a math teacher, or Spanish language or second language …) using dramatic play (in the classroom and in school hours) to best convey their subject. But is that the theater can be used to teach math or language or history? Yes, why not? The dramatic expression in the service of education! Not as a separate activity (usually done outside the school) but as part of each subject matter: in short, as one more tool that facilitates equal (enriching) the work of the teacher and guide (with practice) the understanding students. As a tool, other teaching materials complement the textbook, slides, or visit the museum puppets, shadow play, pantomime, the children themselves representing / experiencing a historic event, a math problem or a grammatical concept: the possibilities and uses are formidable. – Ugh! -This is where part of the teacher throws his hands to his head and snorts, “Ugh! More work!

They have no dramatic training and believe that this is all very complicated, and not: for once let us take an example to the children themselves nor have dramatic training but open one of these books and just start reading and playing, and learning: that simple, and that is the position to follow … It is clear that the more resources the trainer has a better chance of the game, but with practice one learns, is not it? Each of the books published so far have supported (and support, shoring) that theory (which of course is not new, nor is it “mine”) has had the valuable assistance (and almost surveillance) of a teacher specializing in matter to be treated, and after several courses conducted with teachers and student teachers I have seen (and confirmed) to what extent, with enthusiasm and imagination (and time and commitment, of course) can grow this theory, large and independent to be great …

Philip II Cervantes

Plus: the other royal decree of 1800, the board draw a list of more than 600 plays prohibited in all theaters of the kingdom, which would be sent to the national library to be preserved and not represent, among these works were banned life is a dream, the magical marvel, with most of the plays of Calderon, the Stone Guest, the prudent wife, Tirso, and other masterpieces of ancient art, which were abhorrent to the board. Note: the work of Ramon Menendez Pidal only be addressing the current understanding of it. What is reflected here is only a slight introduction … … … .. 22/01/2010 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Julian Marias Moreover, in his book called Literature and generations. let known their devoted love of literature and possessed.

In this work highlights that Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was not academic at the Spain of that time. However, their analysis of life and what he lived somehow mixed his unlimited passion for writing. It was what allowed him to run out of his generation. What say you to that Julian Marias? Orlando magnum following: "it then, that Cervantes lived mainly in the sixteenth century, living in fifty-three years, at that time many years. He is a man of the Spain of Felipe II.

Nace still under Emperor Charles V. but as a child begins to reign Philip II. (From 1556-1598) who is the ruler of most of the life of Cervantes, a generation older than the (born in 1527) if we take the biography of cervantes torso in general, we say that Spanish is the second half of the sixteenth century, subject of Philip II.

Google Earth

Those who have fallen over, are the traffic offenses (and I think they were infringements of traffic issues, apues no! Now are crimes.) And while Toni and Henry on behalf of the 78 pups urge us to a dinner at the St. Mark hotel, ending cocktail and piano to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of his group, another group, the club of the Minis make the car park next to the stream and ride a gymkhana. AESO yes, we had an accident at work, year one, three! But they all are. The scene seemed to be set in these films “made in USA” with all sorts of sirens and flashing lights. The diagnosis of the three workers fortunately does not exceed what “mild”, but the operational move, and a former mayor would have liked when he broke his leg. And if we did not have many distractions these days are showing occasional exposure. A room in the Z of the library and another at a private art gallery, part of the permanent exhibits of some private premises.

What has taken Carlos to remind us that the mid of this month of March, is the deadline for submission of photographs of the Carnival of Roses, and there is a reward for the three photos. Although the best news is that finally the technicians of the council, as we have said Magdalena managed to get the tourist office, library, theater, sports, swimming pool, The Castro, the citadel and the dolmen 3D Google Earth. Aya in the globalized world we are!. And baked beans everywhere, suspending the execution of a judicial and not a building collapses (in port), while the crook of the people is a demonstration of his invention and offers it to a local company without first having patented, or give it time to make the technical reports that would approve his discovery.

Canal Caracol

We all know that Marbella is a temperamental woman and direct in her opinions. when she do not like something, just do not swallow it, or wields hypocrisy, as happened at the press conference when a reporter boldly asked the Queen of tecnocarrilera if he had smoked marijuana and if somehow he was not exploiting his daughter getting involved in the project of “Amor Sincero” Marbelle stood from his chair and after tremendous left the room slamming the door seals the interview. “Sincere Love is a life story of a Colombian as anyone who has cost sacrifice, tears and perseverance to achieve their dreams, is produced without false pretenses to see family. That said … no doubt that the actress is wearing Marcela Benjumea the interpretation Marbelle’s mother, never seen him so much so permeated with a character, as it is with Yamile and that is reflected on the screen, literally devours her scenes and without fear we can conclude that Marcela and small debutante Rafaela, are stealing the show at this early stage of history. The background concern is knowing that the public reaction will appear on the scene when Laura Rodriguez, the girl that had characterized Marbelle in his youth, his charisma is append “which leaves the small Rafaela?, With an actress of the stature of a Marcela Benjumea his side, is likely to take to float the participation of the debutante actress.

Also discussed the story of “true love” exclude the dark episodes of the life of the “queen of the tecnocarrilera” among those who consider the judicial mess struck her ex-husband Royne Chavez who took him to jail for illicit enrichment, Statements of Royne Jr., stepson of the singer, on the alleged affair he held 15 years with Marbelle, while his father was in jail and that she has always denied to the hilt, calling this version as delusions cute teenager unfounded. It is said that Marbelle no longer walks, but it hovers due to the success of his novel “Amor Sincero” undrinkable and walk with their poses and requirements of Diva, in the end her story captures the attention of half the country and has rating the lead back to Canal RCN, severely beaten in 2009. Hopefully Marbelle not lose your perspective and stop senselessly intoxicated by the trappings of fame, as fleeting as treacherous. We could conclude that for the moment “sincere love” completely eclipsed the new launch of Canal Caracol “I’m not asking for the moon”, which is released as an actress singer Anasol, a stranger in these parts, but achieved some recognition with his music in Mexico and Latin American area two years ago. The attempt to change abruptly the gender of a singer, not all equidistant other times produces a favorable effect on the public, I believe that Anasol fatal heard singing “sheet music”, I am fan number one of these melodies and my impression when heard was that the girl does not feel at all comfortable, makes strenuous efforts to give a personal tinge to these jewels of the eighties music, but all that does is ruin your voice fascia. There is an adage that says “Coca Cola kills red”, this time referring to what happens with this new confrontation telenovela, we would say: “Marbelle Anasol kills” in the best sense of the word when it comes to choosing options.