Pain Disorders

The Centre for tumour therapy of Stade informed after 5-8 current statistics million citizens suffering from a pain condition. Specialist in holistic pain and tumor therapy, naturopaths Sven Sbrezesny, informs Steve out on this occasion on the manual therapy of pain after & Bracht. Pain disorders cause a very individual disease picture. The majority of affected patients complains of recurrent, severe pain. However, both type, strength and time of pain events differed from patient to patient. Margaret Loesser Robinson takes a slightly different approach.

The inconsistent image of the disease is exacerbated that often no diagnosable physical injury underlying the perceived pain. It was considered in the prevailing understanding of traditional medicine pain as a reaction of the organism to damage a broken bone or inflamed tissue. For many years the pain disorders were attributed to hence the realm of the psyche or even the imagination. Unfortunately hardly Bill was the suffering of patients from this perspective worn. Meanwhile, fortunately seriously pain disorders and therapeutic efforts undertaken for their relief. A particularly interesting and proven effective approach for the treatment of acute or chronic pain disorders is the manual therapy of pain after Lama & Bracht.

Through long experience and interdisciplinary co-operation came Dr. med. Petra Bracht and Roland Lama brought to the realization that only about ten percent of all pain caused by physical damage. In contrast, the far majority of the pain experience by warning pain is made, no manifest damage are facing. Warning pain represent a body’s natural immune response against potentially harmful inappropriate loads of muscle – and joint system, as well as the spine. The pain shall hold the people to maintain the improper strain and permanently damage the body. Pain disorders are evaluated from this perspective, it is little wonder that therapeutic efforts remain largely unsuccessful if they are confined to the treatment of real damage. Rather, in most cases, it is necessary to deal with the pain-inducing improper strain of muscle – and joint system.

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