As they would say the old ones: in the soccer it does not exist If. if the ball had caught a wind and the aerodynamics modified its trajectory and if the goleiro had left more for the right and the left does not stop and if simply the judge was another one that left the game to run more. If the game of Brazil had finished in the first time, Philip Melo would be the Gerson of the time with its vertical pass of the way of field covers until it of first in the ball of the Robinho that would be the Skin, that would repeat the mark of the king to the being a player of the Saints to mark goal in the pantry, heresy? Disrespect to a so huge generation as of 70? In the same truth it would be passion, of that you exaggerate or underestimation the loved person, the object of desire, and this passion, world-wide fever happens of four in four years, and as in relationships who finish and start with new partners, thus ours canarinho resurges, still we compare with the old love, we want that the current one is so brilliant how much the old one. We want that it is equal to the old one in the appearance, faster modern e, because yes the time moved, and competition already is not more as old. Learn more about this with Anna Belknap. But the soccer is two times of forty and five minutes more the additions, and Philip Melo turned player fertile valley. Of that nobody wants in the teams, who when it arrives the barbecue after the game starts more early, and the Robinho capsized plus one between that they try to be king, optimum one of the world. the yellow streets little come back to be colored of green and, and in the bars the subject is not more the election, now the subject is not more so national. .

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