Parents Professors

It functions in the turn Matutino and Vespertino. Its physical structure possesss a faade in the style After Modern with three floors, also possesss 13 classrooms, room of the administrative direction, secretariat, treasure-house, reception, coordination of infantile education and basic I, coordination of basic education II, Educational Orientation, room for library, room of psychological attendance, laboratory of sciences, room of the professors, square poliesportiva, masculine and feminine patio of recreation, playground, bathrooms, canteen, area of convivncia and a garden of winter. The school does not possess politician-pedagogical project the same being in process of construction in view of the great happened changes. The pertaining to school administration I consisted of the Teacher Mary de Almeida (fictitious name) in the direction, with Maria Jose (fictitious name) in the secretariat and Sdney Albuquerque (fictitious name) in the treasure-house, with three technician and two professors of infantile education, ten professors of Basic Ensino I, twelve professors of Basic Ensino II, with an Educational Person who orientates, a librarian and a psychologist, its faculty are formed by two coordinators, educational orienting one, a psychologist, eleven teachers of Infantile Education to the initial series, five trainees of pedagogia, eleven professors of 6 to 9 year with its had specialties, five controlling of cleanness, five monitors, two assistant administrative, the schedule of attendance in the institution is of 07h to 18h. The student staff of the school counts on 615 pupils in period 2010, distributed in Infantile Education, Initial Series and Basic Education II in a etria band of 4 the 17 years. The projects that the school develops in the school year are for the experience, awareness and development spiritual. They are; Week Saint, Day of the Mothers, Day of the Parents, Cultural Night, Week of the Native land, Good Samaritano, Visitation in the Botanical Park of the Valley, Visitation to the Museum, Meeting of Chorales, Trip to $fortaleza, Night of the Dreams, Fair, Cultural and Scientific, Breaking Silence, Games of Inter Classroom, Academic Merit Cantata Natalina.

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