Paris Club

Also implies agreeing with those forks of bonds in default who did not accept at the time the debt swap, which may involve higher expenditures in the short term in concept of capital payments and debt services. Also means remembering the promise that was made to the Paris Club and negotiate the repayment of the debt (plus dollars to address this obligation). And of course, some conditions more that tends to impose the IMF as it is a greater fiscal discipline. I honestly believe that bad an agreement with the IMF that would impose this series of conditions of mode would do him the country such that Argentina begin to recompose the health of its economy and its international relations. But the situation of fragility that is, makes it difficult to think that he is able to take on so much weight. So convenient to the Argentine Government attempting a rapprochement with the IMF, without doubt the offers of help should be important.

The dilemma that faces the Government to rely on the IMF increasingly is less margin already sources of additional resources that the Government earned they are rapidly depleted. The IMF or the abyss, they think some. Others, as it arose within the possible paths than the Government, think that they can return to see those old policies of the 1980s that perhaps extend the agony of the economy, but that undoubtedly will end up leading to the collapse. Next to the gloomy picture that anticipated, economists left in the air the following question: do end of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner its mandate? I hope that for the sake of democracy, Yes. Nestor Kirchner said recently: when you vote, remember the sound of the helicopter (in reference at the end of the mandate of De la Rua). I sincerely believe that also from the Government, when they decide the direction in which the Argentine economy will continue to have, they should bear in mind that noise from the helicopter. Original author and source of the article.

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