Pasterny – The Story Goes…

“Insight is for people with no prospects” like the radio talk Pasternys fun in the new Mediensaison start, so moderator Florian Pasterny. Pasterny the story goes… “Insight is for people with no prospects” like the radio talk Pasternys fun in the new Mediensaison start, so moderator Florian Pasterny. There are among a slew of prominent people, incredible stories and interesting discussions. Florian Pasterny had some news on Thursday evening to present what was but also because that Pasterny had particularly many construction sites in the programmes in recent years. Last but not least, the failed Morningshow must be named in the same breath with the radio cooking show. Besides some defeats, but also styles like the captain Flo show have made for success. Real-estate developer may help you with your research. “Human, sympathetic, family-friendly, high quality and relevant: this is Pasternys fun in the new radio season.” With our new themes we are guided by the interests and dreams of our listeners: radio is like television only without image, with much Heart and mind for the core audience of 30-69″, so the 26-year-old leader Florian Pasterny the new series.

“Crisis means anxiety and fears. Since the listeners call for proven and established successful formats…”as a radio talk. “I can not highlight the special my talks, because there are also many other great styles like the talking planet or domian. I think we are for this reason especially, because we the listeners a good mix of prominent people from everyday life also offer just any overlong discussions without a break, but always accompanied with beautiful music. Something that would not be possible in the TV talk in this form”explains Pasterny. Many prominent supporters wish you good luck and success the new radio talk.

Not least Claudia Roth (Alliance 90 / the Greens) that praises the exceedingly great commitment. Credit: Robert Rimberg -2011. Ferenc Husta by the most successful A Capella band Germany’s Wise guys like actually ever no interviews, but was very pleased with the discussion. “Without you now honey to the” “Mouth grease to want to, but this is an example of a very nice conversation”, Husta responds to the question whether he can give examples of successful interviews because of Florian Pasterny,. And also Hans – Christian Strobele (former RAF lawyer and Deputy) Frantkionsvorsitzender the Greens) told eagerly from his busy life and enjoyed the Engegament Florian Pasternys. You can find on the homepage of the moderator when and where exactly the Mission of Pasternys is to hear fun. “We are currently using some stations in Germany and German speaking countries in conversation and can already tell that it end of July / beginning of August will go in any case.”

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