Peter Drucker

This necessary activity to be strong alicerada in the motivation. How much bigger it will be the planning, the accompaniment and the comparative spreading of the results, greaters will be the possibilities to involve the professionals and to motivate them it the action. The evaluation of size of the force of sales is another determinative factor in the attainment of expressive results. Register in many companies the absence of criteria or inadequate forms of definition of this item. In some they lack salesmen in the team to take care of to the demand, in others occurs the opposite. The adequate load of visitation and attendance is basic question for the success. For many companies the moment arrives to grow. The necessity to extend the team of sales is one another challenge.

Many commit the mistake to attract professionals without the due criterion and finish bringing for the group, professionals of inadequate profile for its real necessities and philosophy of performance. The reached results depend, moreover, of the profile and ability of the supervisors and controlling. The care for the definition of these professionals must be redoubled, therefore they have the mission to create the cadence and the certain climate for all to the group. She gives to redoubled attention the management of sales..

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